Naming convention for AJS stations for use with Pguy's DriveToStation command.


I have a large station on my real-world-but-1970s based route. I have used 13 individual instances of the AJS Invisible Station 1T 3.5, <kuid2:122285:3401:22>. There are this many as each of the 4 main platforms has an A, B and also an un-suffixed in the centre, and the geometry is unsuitable for any of the multi-platformed Invisible Station bases. There is a short bay, with just one Invisible Station.
I have named them according to the convention, Midland Station[1A], Midland Station[1], Midland Station[1B], Midland Station[2], Midland Station[3A], etc, and set the details so the 1st platform corresponds to the name - the red rectangle above the track displays the correct number & letter.

I am unable to use the AJS "CallAt" DriverCommand, as it is greyed out in my Edit Session>Driver Setup>add commands list, so I have moved to using Pguy's "DriveToStation v2 (SP3 and later)" command, <kuid2:61392:7002:28>

When I go to add this to a driver schedule it shows on the first level the name of the station correctly as just "Midland Station", but the next level shows "Any random available platform/P1/P2/P3/P4...P11/P12/P13" rather than as I was expecting "P1/P1A/P1B/P2/P3/P3A/P3B/P4A..."

Am I correct in following this naming convention? Is there something else I should be doing instead?

This is in TS22/TS+