steel coil loading dock and unloader??


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H All

I've been looking all over for the steel coil loading industry and also the unloading one that was made by one creator. I had to reinstall my trainz and lost the files for this asset. I have no idea who made it but I'm sure someone on here has it in their computer. I searched the dls but if you don't get the name exactly right it just won't show up.
I will appreciate any help from the community.:)

Thanks All
Would a reg flat car work for this? If not a stakebed...if the stock in-game one works ill be Ok
If anyone knows where to p/u a more suitable one please post the kuid...
Bingo It's Deskgrunt!!

Thanks so much big-b this is just what I was looking for. I tried steelcoil unloader but the description had CBDK in front of the name so dls would never find it.

Thanks again big b and you too, Koondawg for your help.
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More... if needed. ;)

My Car and Track Factory Yards v2 unload steel coils by Perchpole and gerd:



And also these flatcars load/unload those steels coils:


Alberte, infoservice. :wave:
Thanks Again to all of you guys.

I will look into all of these options and try them all out.:)
I'm now building some more modules to use when making new routes, after I make them up they can be assembled for just what kind of industries and products you are interested in loading and unloading that way you can keep the FPS high and have good running routes.

Thanks to All,