Some Thoughts on TRS22 S2.0


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I have been using Trainz for over 18 years since version 2004. I am an octogenarian so old habits are hard to overcome.

I started out using S2.0 when it was first released. The first month or so there was a lot of fumbling around trying to learn the new interface and trying to figure out how to do things the new way.
I must say that after almost a year using S2.0 it makes building and modifying routes almost magical. It speeds most things up and simplifies many of the tasks. The introduction several months ago of the Wiki "How to use S20 tools", and most recently "How to use S20 Palettes" are great tutorials and reference tools to make S20 very understandable and intuitive.

After using S20 the classic surveyor seems to be very cumbersome, although still very functional.

There are still several features of the Classic surveyor which I find myself still using. These are "Bulk Asset Update/replace", "Add random scenery", and the water function. The water function in S2.0 has some interesting features not available in Classic surveyor, such as making a mountain stream. I am still trying to experiment with the water feature, but I have not mastered it yet.

I still wish that some of the little symbols were larger on the map. Sometimes it is very hard to find these little symbols when the texture is very dark, and the route is cluttered with scenery. But over time I have come to live with these things.

Last year when I started using S2.0 I decided to early on to remove the crutch of always going back to the Classic surveyor when I ran into issues. Over the months I became less dependent on the Classic Surveyor as a fall back.

I am a little disappointed that development on refining S2.0 seems to have come to a halt in favor of HD Terrain. I am sure this will be an interesting new feature when completed. Perhaps this new version will also include some bug fixes and additions to S2.0.

I still have version 2004 installed on my computer with the beginnings of several of my routes which I have updated and run in TRS22. It is fun to compare these routes in these two versions to appreciate how far Trainz has come in the past 20 years.

I would encourage anyone who has reservations about S2.0 to jump in and try it. It will, if my experience holds true, take several months to feel comfortable with the new way of doing things. But in the end, it will be worth it, and make building routes much more efficient, and fun.
Very well said Paul, and I agree with your analysis.

I have started using S2.0 almost exclusively with the occasional jump back into Classic for those things you mentioned. I too find the very small spline endpoint "dots" difficult to see and while I do enjoy a screen free of rotating yellow/white spline circles, there is still the odd time when I jump back to Classic to use them.

Thank you for the plug for the two Trainz Wiki pages - "How to use Surveyor 2.0 Palettes" and "How to use Surveyor 2.0 Tools".

While N3V has understandably devoted more time to the new HD Terrain features, S2.0 development has not been forgotten. New features and bug fixes are coming.
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