Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

Good Morning from a very Soggy and 12 inches of Rain in last 24-36 hours Storm.

We are OK here, except a few miles away, there are flooded back yards and Street Closures. This Storm has set it's sights on Arizona, but they really need the Rain, as like us, they've had serious Drought issues and then there is Colorado River , Lake Mead needing a lot of Water, so it is a mixed basket for sure.

At a Glance​

  • At least three people were killed by falling trees in California.
  • Rivers of mud rushed through streets in the Los Angeles area.
  • An avalanche was reported in the Lee Canyon area of Nevada, about 30 miles northwest of Las Vegas.
A powerful atmospheric river left at least three people dead in California, knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses and sent search-and-rescue crews scrambling to an avalanche near Las Vegas.

More than 10 inches of rain have fallen in some parts of California and wind gusts well over 100 mph have been reported in some higher elevations.

(MORE: Where We Expect The Rain To Continue)

The flooding is expected to persist into Tuesday, so here's the latest news on the areas hit hardest.

Death Toll Increased To 3​

At least three people were reported dead in the storm.

Among those who died were two men killed by fallen trees Sunday in Carmichael, a suburb of Sacramento, and in Boulder Creek in Santa Cruz County. Police had previously confirmed the death of another man in Yuba City, about 100 miles northeast of San Francisco, who was found under a redwood tree in his backyard Sunday.

Mudslide Threat Is Not Over​

Even as the rain begins to let up, the risk of mudslides is expected to remain, according to Ariel Cohen, the meteorologist in charge at the National Weather Service's Los Angeles office.

"The ground is extremely saturated, supersaturated," he told reporters Monday, according to the Associated Press. "It’s not able to hold any additional water before sliding. It’s not going to take much rain for additional landslides, mudslides, rock slides and other debris flows to occur."

Update On Historic Rainfall Totals From Southern California​

Downtown Los Angeles picked up 7.03 inches of rain Sunday and Monday, which ranks as the third-most for any two-day period on record for the city.

The highest rainfall total in the Los Angeles area is 11.81 inches in Bel Air.

Pray for Arizona as well.

Blues thoughts: What really needs to happen after all is said and done, we need to look at improving our Drainage, yes it won't happen soon. But if we continue with Atmospheric Rivers, this certainly needs to be on the Radar Screen.

Army Corp of Engineers is very good at this. I hope they can give some suggestions.

With that, please pray for the Folks who have passed away in this Storm. And for others the loss of Homes and Property.
Good Morning All,

This is for Newbies who might like learning about Content Manager? AKA "CM" I think one of the most powerful tools in Trainz.

We are blessed to have our Content Authors that make a lot of Cool Things, Routes and lot of fun stuff to go with. Frank Dean is one of those very talented Asset Creators. We'll use him as exemplar for today's lesson.

For the Newbies, Trainz is a huge Database Controlled by Queries, if you have ever used Excel, or any Database Manager, you'll realize that if you learn how to ask and manipulate that Database properly it can save an immense amount of your Time. How important is Time, well, it never stops. All of us only have so much time, and/or patience to find what we need and put it to work.

In this picture I have typed in Frank Dean along with couple of Sub Queries, Minimum Asset Value of 3.7 and Installed (True) this is a saved Query that I can pull up out of CM within seconds.

Based on this simple setup, It will present any of his Assets 3.7 and above and those I have not installed!

I hit the down arrow by Filter to allow me entering some more Sub Queries.

For me, I don't need to see Obsoletes category they sometimes are quite numerous.

Take a look at the bottom amount, 800 Assets are displayed with Obsolete True. Change False the number will drop more.

In this Picture, your Queries can be saved by putting Authors name with - minus sign, and Capitalized first letter of their name. If done this way, all the minuses - plus Author should show up on top portion of your list.

What you want to do when you first open your CM is take mouse pointer and click on Filter goto right side of Installed hit that down v symbol and it will pop open the who list of everything shown in CM. Your list will be short compared to mine. Probably 1/2 dozen names.

So here I have modified Franks Query and saved it, with the added Search Query parameters Minus Sign to keep it stored up in top of my Author Lists.

Minimum Version for Franks Assets is selected for value of 3.7, and I am sure you have seen Trainz has a fit, if Assets are 3.5 Value or lower, generating numerous errors shown in your DBR Rebuilds. And to add, we are at Value of Asset Versions, 5.4 for the newly added Trainz 22.

My completed Query is here. Your Query can be as long or short complicated or very basic as you deem fit for your needs.

Point being, all you need to do add the Query Tags, and it becomes even more powerful when you add,



Key Words (Search Tags)

For those who lots of searches on Web, this should be quite natural, as lots of folks know how to search the Web for specific items, if you know how key the verbiage properly.

Looking at your search list of tags, you might see some of them are not needed, simply goto right hit the minus key or plus key to add or delete Tags. Once finished, save to your Authors list.

When all is said and done, I found there was only 25 Asset, the new Wooden Barrels he had recently made too download today.

In this picture, take a look at the number of Assets total for Franks items. Over 5000 items. That is lot of things, everything he has made and uploaded to DSL. All his Obsoletes and Version Changes over the years.

With my Sub Query's I got it down to 25 Assets, above 3.7 Version, not installed, No Obsoletes.

Now if your in Trainz 2019, 2022 etc, and you want to tighten up your Asset Versions, set minimum to 4.5 and see what shows, or even higher 5.0 Min, play around with Min Vers Setting. Very powerful and will get you more of what your looking for.

Play with Key words too.

This shows how to save your custom search Query to master list in CM.

This is just some of the ways, I use my CM to help when I need something quickly.

Questions, just post and ask me. I didn't cover all of CM, it is one very powerful tool in Trainz, its my right hand. Don't let it intimidate you.

I should add another Why do I do this?

How many times have you downloaded a Route or a particular group of Assets missing etc, or you saw something discussed on the Forum.

Normally you would open CM and have to type the Authors name in, and get it correctly, to show the new items your looking for.

Well after doing this few 100 times, I lost count, I decided to store the names of each Author in my CM on a Saved Search Query, again, this is like the Web, as you play and go thru Web, you save a Search Short Cut so you don't have to remember where you saw it, back when ?

Now when I download Routes, I have several of Authors names already saved in CM. Quick and Easy. Also Authors with just a few Asset Creations, I don't save in CM. I won't use them hardly at all. That is just something to think about when setting up your list of Authors frequently used.

Same Same applies here. Make CM work for you, give your Brain and Fingers a rest.

Have a blessed day.
Just saw this Announcement today, I need to go, I have a lot to do.

Please check it out. Looks really nice and he has put a lot of work into it.

Released: 2/11/24
File Size: 123MB
Compatibility: T:ANE,
TRS19, TRS22

Started in TS2010 and revamped in T:ANE/TRS19, the new and improved Strasburg Rail Road layout for Trainz is a complete rendition of "The Road to Paradise" spanning from the town of Strasburg to the interchange point at Leaman Place in Paradise, PA. This route contains custom content of real-life structures, along with accurate depictions of SRC's various unique features and track layouts to create an immersive experience on the 4.5 mile short line. A small portion of the Amtrak Keystone line is also included with portals to allow for the automatic creation of "Keystone" and "Pennsylvanian" service trains in both directions.

The ZIP package contains two CDPs: the route, as well as my personal dependencies for the route. There is also a text file containing links to the other 3rd party content not on the DLS required for the route. Please visit this link to the Trainz forums for support.

Released: 2/11/24
File Size: 123MB
Compatibility: T:ANE,
TRS19, TRS22