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I thought I would put a few simple FYIs that I know of on here for all the TRS2012 users, just in case some may not be aware of them.

I have realized from the forum that TRS2012 was not one of the best trainz out, and from what I hear it's almost impossible to bring an asset in from any trainz higher than 2012.

1. I noticed the sounds of the engines on TRS2012 did not really sound like a big engine rumbling. So I decided to give a shot at making an engine sound. I'm a professional sound, and lighting tech, so recording, and mixing is right up my alley. I took a real recording of a 16valve 710 engine idling, and had a bit of fun with it. I brought up the power, did some warping, compressed it, and EQ'd it, so it has a nice rumbling sound, instead of a tinty sound. I'm using it in my GP60s on my routes.

The name of the engine is - EMD 16-710G3A - it was made with the TRS2012 creator, using the 3.7 build, so it should work fine in 2012. I hear the engine sounds get better after 2012.

2. When I tried to create the asset for the DLS in the 2012 3.7 creator, it would create it at a 3.4 build, which is not acceptable for the DLS now. So here's what I had to do in case any of you are having the same trouble....

*Before getting started make sure you have a thumbnail to put in the folder you are going to be creating. The thumbnail needs to be 200 x 180 pixels (this can be done by resizing the photo in whatever photo software you use.)

a - Pull up the TRS2012 game, then hit the 'Content' button to bring up the 'Download Station'.
b - Click on the 'Today' tab so just a few assets show up.
b - In the upper left corner click 'File', the click on 'New Asset', and it should appear on the 'Today' tab, and the Content Creator should open.
c - Right click on one of the assets in the column on the creator, like for me it was 'engine sound'.
d - The 'username' is the title of your creation like mine was EMD 16-710G3A. So name your creation, then go to the top left and click 'File', then click 'Save', and this should create your file.
e - Go back to the downloader, and find your 'new asset' file. Right click on it, and go down to edit, then click on 'Commit'. Now you have your file has the user name to it, but we're not finished yet.
f - Right click on the newly named asset, go to 'Edit', and click on 'Open In Explorer'. Here is where you will change the build from 3.4 to 3.7.
g - Right click on the config file, and open in notepad or other similar, but do not open with 'Word'. Here you will go up, and change the number from 3.4 to 3.7, then hit save, click out of those windows back to DLS, and hit commit again. Now you have a 3.7 build. :)
h- Next you add the thumbnail to the area the config is in, and click out of that window, you don't have to save it.
*Lastly - right click the asset one more time, and hit commit again. Now you can right click the asset, and open it up in 'Content Creator', and fill everything in.

I hope this may help anyone who has been at the circus, jumping through hoops like me, and for anyone new using 2012, so they can avoid the stress of trying to figure that out.

If for some reason, if this is wrong, just know that I'm trying to do my part to help, by sharing what I know here because the wiki seems to be like a rubik's cube right now while trying to figure out what works.
My next FYI is for anyone who may need help on how to load my new engine sound. You can load other engine sounds too, but depending on the locomotive, the sounds will vary, so I'm using mine as a reference for the GP60 locomotive, since the engine is matched up to it.

1. Go to 'Content', and pull up the DLS
2. Hit the tab call 'Installed', and type in the name of the engine (EMD 16-710G3A) in the search area to the left.
3. Find the engine and click on it, then click on the asset tab on the left to show the description.
4. Scroll down to the bottom of the description and copy the kuid there.
5. Go back up to search, clear it, then hit the 'Installed' tab again, and type 'GP60' in the search on the left.
6. Find your GP60 locomotive, and right click on it.
7. Scroll down to 'Edit', and click on 'Open with Explorer'.
8.**Note there are 2 kuids that need replacing with the one you have copied, so see what kuid is the engine sound, and then scroll down to the kuid table, and locate that kuid number, and replace it first, then go back up and replace the one in the engine sound area.
****Only highlight the kuid <example:1234456>, hit 'Delete', and then hit Paste.
9. Save the config file, then click out of that window.
10. Find your GP60 file, and right click on it, then go to 'Edit', and hit commit. You may get a yellow warning '!', but it because of the 2.9 build.
11. You should now be able to pull up your route and hear the new sound on your GP60.

Hope this helps. :)
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