My EMD 12N-710G3 Engine Sound Is A Test


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I wanted to make sure I could upload an original file, new version, from my creator which is 3.7, but is creating 3.4 builds:confused:. I have learned how to make this work now, and I will uploading the new engine sound tonight.

The engine sound up right now has very clean, but strong low end, and might be too much for some speakers.

I also have learned about the engines a bit more as well.

So the new engine I'm uploading tonight will be the EMD 16-710G3A. It's used in many locomotives, including the GP60 in the United States.

I've learned the audio has a volume hump when the transitions are happening, and is an audio bug in TRS2012, and later version too. I assure you it's not the wav file.

Hope this all works, and you enjoy the sound. :)
This sounds great. I setup a test locomotive on my test route in TRS22+ and gave it a buzz around the loop. I like the deep rumbly locomotive sound with the blub, blub, blub of the diesel.
Thanks...good to hear it works, and you like it my friend.

The other one should be up by tomorrow morning. I think you are gonna like the new one even more. :)