Church sound effects assets



I am looking for church sound effects assets. I had a route in Trainz 2012 (don't remember which one) that when the train would stop at a certain passenger station, from the nearby church there was a hymn playing - Holy God We Praise Thy Name.

I thought that the route was Montana Rail Link but I ran it from end to end without being able to find it.

Has anyone come across this sound asset before? Is there a way in Content Manager to click on a sound asset to play it?

Thanks in advance.

Fred Bray
Make a blank route and un-pause (paused by default) then use the asset search filter to find "church" and variations, place the assets and when the hymn plays you will have found the church you are looking for. If you do not have it downloaded go to Content Manager and start downloading more churches
Look for <kuid2:68213:39010:3> Church baptist Cliquot by Dinorius_Redunicus.

This is a built-in asset in TRS22 but being build 3.3, it should be available for download from the DLS if not built-in in TS12.