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Thanks to the kindness of Bendorsey I would like to point out that Selby Swing Bridge is now on the download station. I am getting round to Selby on my route that is WIP and had already visited and researched the bridge with the intention of asking if Bendorsey would be kind enough to consider making it for Trainz, now I don't even have to ask! He has even added several alternative versions that allow for different methods of operation! Well done.

Please you enjoy the superb bridge. You require version 4 where the bridge opens by boats. Ben has kindly built these swing bridges after I asked for help with our ECML project. We are desperate for content and route builders by the way - any offers for the 383 mile route?

I'm a bit naughty in not updating the web site since last year !! Have a look a bit further down this page -
The route building is now north of Newcastle with the Selby – York section near enough completed.

Anyone new to this forum may not know of this project. We are based at Barrow Hill, Chesterfield where over the weekend of 14/15 July is the Diesel Gala. You will be able to drive part of the completed section of the ECML from the cab of Deltic 8. Also 20 off class 20’s will be in action including some railtours to Hope valley line using these locos. Also running the same weekend are two of our Deltics 55009 and 19 on the NYMR.

The route will be payware but all profit goes to the restoration of our 3 Deltics 55009,15 & 19 and cabs 55008 & 21. No one will profit out of this route just the locos as we are a registered charity. Content builders permissions are asked for allowing there work to be in a payware route. So far everyone asked are very happy that there work will be in such a huge project and also very impressed that we asked for permission in the first place :D

SelbySwing Bridge

how are these bridges used ? any existing route where these bridge(s) is/are used ?
@ napierdeltic, good to hear the project's still ongoing! I don't have enough spare time to assist with routebuilding but what kind of custom content are you in need of?

@ tupuluruk, the bridge is simply swung 90 degrees when required. If I'm not mistaken, at Selby the river traffic takes priority over the rail traffic so if a boat comes along it's all stop! Selby swing bridge is still in use. At one point it was used by all of the East Coast rail traffic before the ECML was re-routed.

Here it is in the 70s:

And today:

hi JB & John

thanx for immediate reply. now i hv a good idea about the bridge. by the way is there any route in DLS for download, where such bridges are used ?
We are all still on full power building the route and is coming on very nicely. We are trying to build most of the route with already built content. But of course there are certain 'eye catching' buildings on any route where you can say you are at a certain point in the UK. Its nothing too difficult just some signalboxes a few bigish buildings, bridges, water towers even tunnel mouths that sort of thing. Will e-mail you a rough list. We have found its better to build the route and then note down that a certain building is needed at a certain point.

Nice pic of the 'toys' or 'plastic' ( HST's ) as us teenage boys used to call them Iam now 46 !! going over the Selby bridge. The bridge is quite unique there were others dotted around the country in the past but only one other springs to mind just outside Fort William Scotland which is still in use, no cabin on the top. A strange one at Sutton Bridge, Lincs had one lane for cars the other rail !! Still there today but is a 2 lane road now and still has the cabin on top.

thanx a lot Stuart for ur reply !! wl eagerly await ur mail giving the list and also the info once the route is completed ...

thanx again