Angled embankments


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Hi all,

I've currently hit a hurdle on my route, one which has reared its head before and presents a major headache to try and solve.

In the screenshots below, you'll see that the road bridge is at angle to the road, approx. 22 degrees. You can also see in the distance that the line is on an embankment. How do you all solve this when bringing the embankment up to the bridge? I can't use the same embankment as it would encroach onto the road itself, and HD terrain doesn't allow for such a fine embankment to be created. The only solution I can think of is to use a retaining wall, but this isn't prototypical for the location and I'd like to avoid this if possible. It would be ideal if we had embankments that ended on an angle, but I appreciate that even then it wouldn't be a one size fits all solution due to the depth of the embankment sides.

I am aware that in the pictures it looks as if the terrain meets the track and gradually meets the road - I wish this was the case but sadly it isn't! In the images the track nearest the camera is floating off the terrain by several meters.




Are you using surveyor 2? If you're very, very painstaking you can hand-sculpt the embankment to an extent using the brush tool set to Ground Height and use Grade with a low sensitivity and an appropriately sized brush Note that in Surveyor 2 you can tighten the bottom spread of automatic 'smooth ground under' embankments to some extent using a diameter setting of something <20. Trial and error. Unfortunately there's no easy solution that I know of and I've come up against the same issue manys a time. Incidentally - is that definitely HD terrain? I don't recognise the grid.

It is S2.0 - I've repainted it with 'Untexture grid' as the PBR grid was playing havoc with my eyes, I find the older colour here better suited to building on.

I'll give it a go and see how I get on as that was the conclusion I had reached if I didn't want a retaining wall - as you say, it might be a case of trial and error but we'll see what happens!


I either create one in kit form or use the brick bridges that Mike10 created.
<kuid2:35412:38188:2> MB-arch bridge rail skew L25 stone
<kuid2:35412:38240:2> MB-arch_bridge_no_track_skew_R25 are a couple of examples.
I've used single sided embankments, these are two:
Embankment <kuid2:316:37034:2>
Embankment grass <kuid2:179051:1199:1>

I've used them with bridge kit parts from tmz06003

Try the DJBUK Bridge-end assets. There are various angled abutments with the embankments attached which may solve your problem.

Here's a wild shot... Create a spline (eg: a wall or ruler or something, but not track) along the centre line of your track for the length of your intended embankment. Now drag it no. more than 40 feet to one side and settle it on the ground. Finally - making sure the whole spline is still selected, Smooth Grounder Under Selected. Make sure your brush radius is less than 20 to keep the foot of the embankment tight. If 40 feet isn't quite right slightly lessen or increase it and try again. Repeat the process for the other side of the embankment if required. Note that This effect is somewhat dependent on how tall the embankment is and I'm sure there's a definitive formula to be had for some enterprising mathematician. Hope this may be of some help if the pre-built embankments don't work.