The lack of modern UK or Europe routes.

I really couldnt help but to mention this, most of the contents that recently was created was all for US and Australia routes. Sure there might be trains from around different places, but they are simply TRAINS not ROUTES. The only good UK map i would consider is the BR era ECML and Settle to Carslie route, thats it all in the BR era and NO modern era. There are DLS UK modern route but they are hilariously short and feels like not worth driving unless i am missing something.

If i did miss something or that you know a decent long UK route in the current or modern era. Please let me know, and if i am right about the lack of modern UK routes, please trainz consdering making more modern routes for the UK or europe. I am not interested in long boring US routes.
Many of trainz user in my country create routes, sessions and assets locally and try to create prototypical maps and routes. As you said, because Trainz' routes almost in US and Australia only. So local creator try to create themself all assets they need : building, bridge, road, crossing, industry, etc ...