Script Issues


Trainz Player
Hello all,

I'm repeatedly having script issues whenever I use engines from NEPA Trainz, specifically their D&H 4-8-4. The message I get is: Error: ProperBrowserRefresh() not handled. A script error occured while attempting to edit the properties of this asset. The openable smokebox door animation also plays in a constant 1.5 second loop. Changing the build number repeatedly makes the asset faulty. Is there any fix to this?

-Thanks, Joe
Hi Jossephlaban:
I am not an expert however if you change the build number of an asset to load into an older version of Trainz script errors will happen.
The author of the asset has made or modified it for a particular Trainz product level.
Why not try the 3rd party tool AssetX and modify the asset to a later version.
There is an instruction set document on how to use the AssetX tool, and can be downloaded from the internet for free.
M Davies