Santa Fe Screenshots

yes, those engines are nice, but i am wondering, WHERE DID YOU GET THAT DIESELING RACK? in the back ground?
Please stop waffleing. This is a screenies thread so here is my contribute to Santa Fe. -Chris

...Bust-up Frank!...

:cool: Great work on the GP60's Frank!

If I didn't say before, I was proud of your jumbo jet trip! You did work that makes me wish to fly!

I'm heavy into the BNSF Powder River Division at the moment, and so, can use these locomotives.
Hello All
Here are a couple of Pre Merger Warbonnet SD75M's hauling grain on Marias Pass.


Here we see a BNSF Coal train in the foreground with four different versions of the SD70MAC and on track two is four AC4400CW's in BNSF paint hauling general freight.


If I get some more time I will post some shots of the SD60M's in BN and BNSF.



is that a steel works in the back ground? if so, may i ask where you got it? or, how you assembled it?