Here is my Christmas HO layout I made for this holiday season!!


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The Santa Claus reindeer train is pretended to be a full-size model vehicle riding on some sort of elevated monorail system as an exhibit in a snow park or winter festival venue.

Short wheelbase two-axle-per-bogey d/e locomotives and train cars had to be used due to the tight 6' HO radius track curves. Grades on this classic figure-8 model layout with over/under bridge action exceed 6% in parts. Using 3-axle d/e engines will stall train on grades and AI will get hung up and go nowhere. I could drive them manually, however. The Trainz AI driver staff doesn't like curves too steep and/or grades too tight for some engine content. Physical model train layouts often use unrealistic tight turns and steep hills due to space limitations. Thank God for traction tires and magna-traction as from Lionel Trains.

Anyway, John is back to Trainz forum from his new home in Pleasant Hill, Iowa in Polk County just east of Des Moines. Hope all Trainzers here had a very Merry Christmas and a sweet 2024 to come!!

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I have just revised my Trainz Christmas HO layout to have a siding with a bumper instead as shown in this video:

This is more what my physical train layout for Christmas would look like. Most scale-model RR junctions (turnouts) have a straight track section with a curved part jutting either right or left. This is what my revised Trainz layout also has with the bumper siding off the figure-8 main line that terminates. The switch with dual complex curves (as I had coming over the bridge) bending from the points (right and left diverging) might be difficult to fabricate in the phycal model tarin world.
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