Another derailment at Santa Fe Junction, Kansas City.


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Just today a train derailed at Santa Fe Junction in Kansas City. Nobody was hurt but the centerbeams took a beating! What a mess!

Wonder if this car, I presume was empty, but similar to empty Bear Tables, can derail easily if car handling isn't just right.

Meaning slack issues where the inertia can pop a light weight car off the rails. :eek:
I was wondering if the unloaded center beam cars got squeezed between the cars slowing down in front and the cars behind that were resisting slowing down. Long lightweight cars are often the first to leave the rails via in-train forces.
That would seem reasonable, but these days they are being rushed to get trains configured and get them on the tracks. One of my nephews was told he was supposed to get over 300 cars ready to go in one night in a certain railyard I can't mention. Of course, they did not get it all done, but is shows how trying to get things moved out may lead to suboptimum placement in a train. I do agree having empty centerbeams pushed by tank cars, empty or full, may not be a good idea when it comes to braking on a curve.
No, it was not for one train, it was for multiple trains, but it was to get them shipped out of the yard. By my math, 300 cars in a 12-hour shift would be 2.4 minutes per car, non-stop. Maybe doable if you have a long enough string that can go together, but this yard does not have a hump yard, so I imagine there was a lot of switching.
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It looks like they were pushed from behind it seemed to break between the first and second centrebeam the first weak point.

Did the guy driving the Bobcat even notice it ? Or just it's not my job so why worry !