Safely remove Download Station assets?

Greetings. Though I've owned TRS19 about a year, I'm still a novice with much to learn. Just recently I shelled out for a three-month First Class Ticket and have been downloading and auditioning steam locomotives/tenders from Download Station. Some lack features I desire. I'd like to remove them, as they clutter the selection list and I have a hard time remembering which locos to avoid. I've yet to find instructions on how to easily remove them. I notice that the game's Launch window has a Content Manager button. Clicking it brings up another window. If I switch that to 'installed', then sort by 'status' and scroll to 'Installed from Download Station' I see individual locos. Right-clicking them gives me the option to "delete." Is it as simply as that? Does it catch the sometimes multiple separate downloads it took to make a loco / tender functional? (drivers, cab, body, etc.) Is there a chance deleting this way will mess some something else up? Is there a better/easier procedure? Anyway, I'd appreciate any insight on this subject. Thanks in advance! ;)
Yes, it's that simple. You can also select multiple items at a time and delete.

However you may want to right lick and select "List Dependants" - this will produce a list of any other assets that need the one you're attempting to delete, such as a Route, or if it's a commodity it may be tied to several cars.
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Just delete in CM but don't delete any dependencies as they may be used by other assets unless you are sure. In CM click the little arrow to the left of installed and then click on the + button that appears on the right. In the new window select category and in the box next to it select locomotive and all driveable assets will show. Tenders are classed as rolling stock. You can also select missing dependencies, faulty and so on.
All Hail Content Manager!

I've been here only a few months. There is much to learn, and the more I learn about how to use the CM, the easier it is to do everything else.