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I've been fiddling around in TRS19 with SP5 with some of my Download Station routes and layouts.

Despite taking great care when making them and checking them before uploading to the Download Station, Content Manager now shows missing dependencies. Some of the missing dependencies are absolutely critical, for instance track and switch stands.

There is a work around to capture the missing dependencies:
Open Content Manager / select route / right click / List Dependencies​
New screen / Sort by Status​
“Unknown location” and “Not Installed, Payware” / select all / right click / List Asset Versions​
New screen / select all shown as Available for Download / right click / Download this Version​
Repeat if necessary​

It is beyond my comprehension why Content Manager will not automatically download the versions that I used in the routes but instead goes looking for versions that I can't download. I don't even know where these updated versions come from or the reason I can't download them.

I suspect that it might have something to do with packaged payware? If so this is going to become even more of an issue as more payware packages become available.

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Yes Phil, it has everything to do with Packaged assets. They are now the bane of freeware route creators, but a big Thank You for the reminder on how to get around some of these troublesome assets.
Hi Phil
If the are DLS assets, then it's possible that they are assets that have been placed in the faulty asset list for repair (faulty assets won't be shown for download). If you've found an update for a DLS asset that isn't on the DLS, but is instead in a DLC pack, please send an email to us and we can take a look at getting it onto the DLS if we have the update available to us, or see what other options there may be for it if a creator has included an update with their own DLC packs.

Hi Zec --

Thanks for your response.

I installed all my Download Station TRS19 routes and layouts into TRS19 with SP5. These are the missing dependencies:





It would be interesting to know why Maddy is overrepresented. And if all her other assets have suffered a similar fate.

The layouts actually need :x - 1