Content for lower end machines.


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I thought I'd start a thread for content suitable for lower end machines.

First is if you're interested in UK rolling stock then take a look at my 17_5 assets.

Use manage content open preview asset to select assets with a low triangle count. Check them for LOD as well.

Stick with content that uses the same bogey. Bogies tend to be fairly high poly but anything repeated in trainz basically comes free, well almost.

Look for content that uses texture rather than polys for detail.

Speedtrees have an impact on lower end machines so avoid them or experiment to see how they affect performance.

Each scenery object comes with an overhead so try to minimize the different types. Some scenery assets have more than one building in them which reduces the overhead look for "aus house multi" for example an other one is Middleton station.

Steam locos in general have curves and more polys than other types so try to avoid them.

If anyone has any thoughts about other lower poly assets perhaps they can add them to the thread.

If you have a desktop and a power supply of at least 300 watts then think about upgrading the GPU if it doesn't have one to a brand name 300 watts minimum. That will power a 75 watt GPU such as the Intel ARC 380, GTX 1650, or the very new Rtx 3050 6gb be careful you only buy the 75 watt version. A Radeon R5 430 is fitted to some Dell desktops as an option but it's performance is barely more than integrated graphics. Note typically refurbished Dell desktops come with a 240 watt power supply and it's not a standard size.

Refurbished Dell workstations have better power supplies either 450 watts or 900 watts and ty don't tell you on the listing which PSU is in the machine.

Cheerio John