ROD Tender Skin problem


Trainzing Scotsman
I'm possibly not the only one who has this minor issue with the tenders for the ROD GCR 8K's tender variations. It seams that the Coal texture has merged with the left hand side of the main body :

I'm wondering if anyone else have had this problem and/or what have they done to sort the problem out.
I can tell you that I have fixed the problem shown here, and have all tenders appearing correctly. However I cannot for the life of me remember what I did to them in order to affect such a repair...
Could be the material naming, one time in 3ds max I had two textures as main.m.tbumpenv (one was main1, another was main2) but due to the same naming only the one texture appeared, you might have made the same mistake and used the side as the same name as the coal.
It has something to do that there is no separate folder for the coal load texture and mesh. It breaks the skin, displaying the coal texture on the side of the tender.

Make a folder called "load" inside the tender's body folder. Move the files labeled coal.tga, coal.texture.txt, coalbump.bmp, coalbump.texture.txt,, and load.kin into the new folder, and place these lines where the coal load mesh is referenced:

mesh "LNER_black_GCR_tender_body/load/"
anim "LNER_black_GCR_tender_body/load/load.kin"

That should fix 'er up. Do this with all of them and you're good to go.