SMWorks & Myself - A Final Update


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Hey, folks. Just wanted to give out some information today as I realise I've neglected to actually put any of this out there since the last content release I did.

It's a long post, I know, but I've cut it into chunks to make it a little less of a mess to tackle. Sorry, I like writing and using many words comes to me very naturally.

So, in short, the SMWorks content released on April 15th earlier this year is the last of it. Hands down. Essentially, unless any other items I've reskinned suddenly become something I can post, there's nothing else to upload (and with many of the skins being the old SLRR stuff on JR payware, this becomes difficult. It's my understanding some of the content has been retired, some of it not, but I haven't paid close enough attention to their stuff so I am not aware if any of my skins are even possible to upload. Indeed anyone who can shed light on any of this stuff would be appreciated as I wouldn't mind giving away as much of my stuff as possible if I am legally able to). Quite simply, I've got nothing else I wish to create at this point in time.

I'm quite simply no longer interested in continuing my Trainz career. I do not believe that playing the game nor new versions of it will bring a meaningful positive impact on my life, and frankly I think I've gained as much knowledge as I can really get from the game (practical skills such as GIMP/Photoshop and web design). I do not have the desire to continue creating content, either - frankly, the payoff for the work involved doesn't seem worth it in my eyes and I am limited in what I can create anyways as I am genuinely incapable of learning modeling. As well, my interest in trains/railroading has come down to 1) great photography subject, and 2) some cool facts & history - really, though, not much more than these. The desire to model/skin/build tons of content is just completely gone.

In addition, I am indeed starting college this fall and I have a firm belief continued focus on Trainz will only set me back in that regard, as well as socially, and I'd like to make the most of my time. Part of this problem comes from the fact that I have problems with video game and media addiction - perhaps most notably in things such as Skype or some of my game stats on Steam. I've cut much of that down as of late and I'll only be continuing to do so as school begins, and this is something I would recommend others have a look at. This is a topic I definitely feel the need to mention as it is a real problem. Thinking it about it in the past year has helped me reevaluate a lot of my life, including my work in Trainz, and this is one of the big reasons I don't wish to continue the game.

...also it's taking up approximately 250GB of my 500GB storage on my primary computer and the thought of reclaiming all that space... well, it excites me.

The Future
Naturally, the question is, what happens to my site? Well, I pay Weebly annually to give me full access to all the features required to keep SMWorks running like it does, and the next paycycle is in mid-November. As it stands, provided Trainz is still remotely active at that time (I'm quite out of the loop on its current state, frankly. I only receive second hand info anymore, but I'm not terribly interested in its state or future), I plan on renewing the site for another year and keeping it maintained.

However, should Trainz or N3V be essentially 'gone' by that point (again, conflicting second hand info is all I have so I do not know if this case is even remotely likely but I believe in accounting for all outcomes), then I won't.

Regardless, I do plan on looking at it and seeing if I could consolidate it all down into a standard free Weebly site, but in another year and a half from now when the cycle comes around again, it is indeed very possible the site will disappear, and indeed I'd put this to be the most likely option. In that case, the content is to be migrated over to The Erecting Hall and would all still be available (regardless of some peoples opinions on TEH or its members, some of my content would have to go there regardless and there is indeed no other option. This means it'll all go there to make everyone's lives easier).

Final Notes
For what its worth, I'd like to say that to any person or group that may have clashed with myself or groups I was formerly associated with, I genuinely have no ill-will towards you or any others and would apologize for any issues ever caused. Many of us, myself included, have made rash or immature decisions that caused strained relationships and the reactions, whether they be public or private, have indeed not always been the most mature. I've come to believe that there is well and truly no reason to hold a pointless grudge over a train game or past immaturities, so, truly... all is well. No hard feelings towards anyone.

So, that's that. The TL;DR of this lengthy little post is simple: I am no longer creating or uploading content any longer and I have no desire to continue playing or working with the Trainz series in the future. Most of this is a result from real life becoming more important and my interests shifting as well as the way I think about what I do and how it impacts my future. Details found above for those of you who skipped here.

As mentioned just above, interests have mostly shifted away from this area. So I'll link my Flickr & YouTube pages, where on the former I post my photography, and the latter my music-related projects - these as well as some writing projects are where I've moved my efforts towards in the past year or so and are where I wish to progress in the future.

Just a few weeks shy of five years being signed up here, so, a big thanks to all the folks here and on the other forum for the last five years. It's been a wild, bumpy ride all the way through, and I've gained some great friends and useful knowledge from it all. Cheers lads.

If you have any questions about me, SMWorks, etc. at all, do post them here and I'll be more than happy to shed some light on whatever they may be.

So, in the usual fashion...

Hey folks, just wanted to throw up a very brief update.

First, I gave the site (and the banner) a little Spark-themed update. Just wanted to do a last little bit of design for it since I enjoy it, and the theme just kind of... works. I suppose on a related note is that if anyone ever needs anything designed like a banner or website work... I happen to enjoy doing both so feel free to hit me up for any of your light design needs.

I do want to confirm the site running through November 2019. For a little while it was looking like I wouldn't be able to do it (for some issues outside of the computer world), but I should be able to do it without any issue now. After that, I cannot conceive truly running the site any longer past that. I'll see about free options once more but now the current plan is to shift all the content elsewhere (TEH most likely) and just close down.

And, ah... please don't PM me asking for unreleased content. If I haven't released it, I can't give it to you. Sorry.

Just wanted to give a short little update :wave: - nothing too big.