Trainz: A New Era Left-Clicking Problem


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Hello Everyone who reads this,

Sorry if I post this in the wrong spot. So I have a big problem, and it's irritating me. I Re-Installed Trainz: A New Era on my Mac, yes Mac. I have ran it before with no problems whatsoever. But this time, something big happened to my Game. So here's the thing. I load up my route, no problem at all, I click to spawn a Train, No problem at all, then I start to drive, but when I go to click a button, like Edit Properties for the Train itself, it doesn't want to work, In fact, when I click any buttons/icons, the whole clicking system just crashed, I can't even click the main menu button. So it goes like this, I can press and hold the Main menu tab, and it shows the drop-down bar, but when I let go of the left-click button, the main menu bar disappears, which is not normal. And another thing to add, while i'm driving, many things show on the side of the screen like all the gauges and speedometer, with the throttle dial, plus the buttons with it, as well as the trains list. This is just total whack, this has never happened before. Please, Please someone help me fix this, I can't stand this issue, It would be greatly appreciated.


I have Trainz: A New Era Mac Edition, build number: 105765 ( I don't think that Build is supported or normal, but that's all I can download)
For starters, make sure the resolution of the game matches the resolution on your system.

At the Launcher, click on Trainz settings.
Uncheck the Full Screen check box.
Scroll the box to find the resolution of your display.
Well my resolution is 1440x900, and thats what the settings was already on, here is the settings I changed in the performance tab.

Shadow Quality: Off
Main Shadow Resolution: 2048
Texture Quality: Low
Post Processing: Low
Water Quality: Low
Antialiasing: 2x
Detail Update Rate: Low

I don't know if the issue if from that, but my display was already set to the default resolution.