Revert To 2022 Standard From Beta?


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Since there is no mention of the next Beta release, I need to revert to the standard. Too many issues in Beta.
Is there a safe procedure to uninstall the current Beta and install the latest standard version. Loosing the linkage to the database would be a big problem.

Note: there was a recent message on this subject but I cannot find it.
You cannot easily go back from the latest beta build 122912.
In order to participate in the MPS session yesterday, I had to download and install the standard version (PC) build 122411 from MyTrainz again - to a separate drive - and as a plain vanilla installation.
I did not - nor will I attempt to - point the 'old' standard build to my latest UserData folder - as much of that local data folder content is now operating at a higher Trainz Build number than the non-beta version (i.e. therefore incompatible).
Rather, since I always keep a snapshot/ backup of each UserData folder from every previous Trainz build I have had installed previously, I will eventually marry that up with the UserData folder I archived for build 122411 when I uninstalled it from my computer a month or two back. And, when that non-beta build of Trainz Plus is superseded by another non-beta build, I will take another snapshot of my UserData at the time I upgrade, so I can revert to that earlier build version if needed for any reason.

Always consider your work evaluating beta builds as potentially throw-away. Back-up your UserData folder constantly, so that you can preserve your work and, if necessary, you can revert to an earlier build.
What do you mean by "too many issues in beta"? The whole idea of participating in beta builds is to identify and report any issues found via the Bug report System, so that the issues can be resolved and new builds evolved.
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