Replacing Beta Trainz 2022 With Standard Trainz 2022.?


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I need to revert TRS 2022 Beta to the standard version. Too many lockups.
How can I point the loader to a standard copy of TRS22 that I downloaded? I prefer to not alter the Beta version since it is a last resort.
Download a copy of TRS22 retail.

Install the retail copy, taking the defaults. This will create a new database and data folder.

Once installed, you can then optionally move that folder elsewhere and then update the Install tab, or if you have a backup copy of your data, use that instead by pointing to a copy of your backup.

If you want to risk it, copy your current database that you were using in the beta and point to that copy instead. You might get lucky and recover your data with the only things lost are those you recently edited because the build number has increased and the data format has changed.

This is why it's good to have backups. ;-)