Dlc ID Update?

So, I know there's a list of Trainz dlc IDs on the wiki, but the wiki page [Help:In-game Downloading - TrainzOnline (ts2009.com)] for the dlc ids hasn't been updated since October 27th, 2022 and we're in April of 2023. I am aware that updating an article takes time, but I have no way of knowing what is what without downloading just to find out and I don't mind installing stuff from my gold membership if everything didn't have to be verified when launching a session or route. That **** takes time. But I was wondering if the page is going to be updated soon as I have no other way of knowing what the dlcs are apart from their ids, and the dlcs from gold memberships don't have descriptions that tell you what a dlc is and what it contains. All you know is the resource ID and because the page that lists all dlcs and their resource ids hasn't been updated in a while, there's no way to find out what dlc is what. The current and recent dlcs aren't listed, and bcause of this, I can't find those sweet goodies. Mind you, I'm referring to Trainz 2019. Trainz 2022 shows you the dlcs you can download with your gold membership, Trainz 2019 doesn't. You only find out if you visit the Trainz wiki page that shows the resource IDs and like I said before, it hasn't been updated, so the current and recent dlcs haven't been listed yet.
Thanks for letting us know - we'll add it to the list.

If you have a membership, then you should probably install Trainz Plus as TRS19 is now over 5 years old and there are a LOT of improvements and new features since then.
Thanks Tony. But I'll stick to Trainz 2019 for now, ONLY because I my PC is a potato and I'm saving up for a GeForce 3060 Graphics card. After that, I'll get Trainz 2022.
well I still think that Tane was the best for any one that wants to do layouts, lots of build stuff in there, I have been away from building for some time. I was in Tasmania for the last five years and was building up all the old train routes. Now I had to go to England, hindsight says I should have stayed some how in Australia, So I have started a builds on this HS 2 rote. I have many of the actual construction plans, and found away to overlay them into the base maps. You can not do any of that in this TS2022 as I have just found out after buying it.
TRS22 will run similar or better than TRS19.

Launcher + Content Manager allows you to compile assets

Aussepom - What prevents you doing what you can in TANE in TRS22?