PRR S1 Tender Errors


Hey where'd the train go?
Hey guys,

I finally got to downloading the PRR S1 off the download station, and I was heartbroken when I found out:
1.The engine itself has a ridiculously large shadow, and
2.The tender has an error, saying something about not being able to read the shadow file.
I know people have had that problem before, but I want to know how to fix it.

Does it run, does the tender show up and run ?

You'll soon get over it... and soon learn how to fix it.

Is this the mrtrain PRR S1 loco ?
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Look into ShaneTurner12 (I think thats his account name? I'll be surprised if he doesn't read this thread at some point.) and his PEVsoft Tools. Thats how you can edit some of what you're having issues with. I don't know the how-tos or the why-fors, but I'm fairly certain his tools have the ability to fix the issues you listed.

Luckily, I have found this thread now. One point though - I'm not the creator of the PEVSoft tools (Peter Villaume/PEV is) but I do host them - use the PevSoft Tools link in my signature to access them.

For shadow issues, you will need the Quickshadows tool and a small bit of editing of the config.txt file to point it towards the created file.