Problem with Animation Effect


As said on Wiki to control animations from a script, you must specify a name. But this tag produces this error:
VE44: Tag 'name' in the container 'anim_0' is obsolete.
It is not clear what to do with it and how to start animation from script in 4.6:eek:
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The mesh name must exist in the mesh-table or as an animated effect name. The methods for starting, stopping, go to some frame, etc are in The effects animated meshes have methods with "FX" in the name.

It would help if you can post the mesh table.
It would help if you can post the mesh table.
mesh "cat.trainzmesh"
auto-create 0
lod-level 0

kind "animation"
name "cat"
anim "cat.kin"
looped 1
speed 0.8
animation-starts-active 0
animation-has-random-start-position 1
I think you need to use the name "cat" as the effect name in whatever method you are calling. For example, "SetFXAnimationState("cat", true);". That's different from the ordinary mesh animation.