ACTS (8) – Part 2 – Moving a submesh per animation smooth over time to a precise position


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My next milestone is reached!​

Setting the cranes gear mm precise in xyz direction and in ° accuracy with rotating, of course within the cranes reachable area.

My script is able to calculate the precise position and rotation for a frame group. So it is possible to let the script work randomly or with a special task.

A frame group is the array of frame numbers of all connected animations. The test script randomly uses a set of animation frames and calculates from them the position and rotation.

The vice versa direction starting with a position and rotation (of a container stack) of course is possible too by transposing the equations.

Let me explain the frame group a little bit deeper.

  • On a crane base (the area that a crane may reach) runs a cranbridge in y direction from relative zero (origin) to a maximal distance. This is realized by an animation in big steps and a second animation in smaller steps.
  • On the bridge a trolley runs in x direction. Analogue realized with two animations.
  • From there runs lift, which makes it possible to position the gear in z direction.
  • On the last step in the hierarchy resides the gear for grabbing the container. It is scalable to the needed container length. Analogue realized by an animation.
  • One step over is the rotation part with its animation. And so on.

All these different animations have different frame counts and different ways to run.

And the frame group is a set of frame numbers of all the involved animations.

Of course the animation parameters are known by the script.

And here is a small video of it: aCTS ANIMATION second milestone The xyz-positions and the z-rotations are calculated from randomly frame number sets
And rember please: the goal is not a creazy styled model but only the functionallity.

My next tasks are learn about:
  • testing with other container types (40ft, 45ft, normal height, high cube)
  • handling a container stack, at the best with different heights and lengths, if possible.and calculating to reach the top container.
  • thinking about getting containers (asset objects) into the aCTS from outside (unloading a street car or a train car)
  • thinking about delivering containers (asset objects) from inside the aCTS to outside (loading a street car or a train car)
  • thinking about the parameters to automating the calculation of needed values, who hold them and who sets them and how to get them.
Oh! COOL! Graet! That is my destiny.
So it exeists yet? How did you posit the containers/the gear so that it works together? Isn't it as complicat as I think?
And how do you let the container swap from car to gear and from gear to car? Is there a kind of hook functionallity?
@Beko is that a layout within Trainz or is it just some procedural animation...? It looks far too clean and sophisticated to be in Trainz already...!

Sorry i should have done my digging first. I don't believe this is in Trainz, the YouTube User looks to be associated with that container terminal - making believe its a PR video only...
Sorry, this is of course not a trainz video, but a computer simulation for a terminal.
Only if something like this can be done on the computer, it should also work for Trainz, similar to the Mijack from jointedrail.
I haven't found a single container gantry crane on the entire DLS and on the net, the only ones are in the Contz Pack
by Auran.
@PeteC9008 Last days I wrote some python for blender to automate generating the animations for the crane parts.
The positioning ofthe gear is possible with the small penalty of pending moves by parts.