Possible server issues with my tutorial site...


Tutorial Creator
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Hi Trainzers,

I have become aware that some users are having problems accessing my tutorial site (the one on shaneturner.co.uk). At the moment I'm trying to diagnose what is causing this issue as it seems to load OK for me albeit a bit slow at times.

Can I get those who are still having issues to let me know so I can identify where affected users are so I can try and get a fix through my webhost.


EDIT: Just identified a 522 error at the moment which I'm currently diagnosing.

It came up for me fine here in New Jersey, USA just now. And that is even through all my work place's firewalls! I was getting the 522 error last night at home. Your site came up once in all my tries last night but it was just plain text - no style sheets were applied.