Placing Trains


Building a new route in 22 with build #122418 and for some reason when i place a consist in surveyor and save and then exit it and go back in to edit route the consist is not there. Took me 3 times to replace consist before it showed in surveyor. I'm thinking all is good so i go back into route to add a 4th locomotive to the current 3 then exit and go back into route to only find the three locomotives. Have tried 3 times to add a 4th loco only see the three in surveyor. What is up with 22? Thanks.
Which layer are you adding your Consists? Route or Session layer? Consists need to be added to the Session layer - not the Route layer.

Hope this helps.

Fred Bray
If you want the consist in any of the route layers add them then make a change to a scenery item too. That will actually make a change to the route layers that will work and include any train cars or engines with the save.
I agree, I have had this same problem. I place an engine in the route layer then save but when I open the session for edit it is not there. It seems that 22 wants them to only be in the session layer.