surveyor 1.0 consist list ?


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Hi guys, i have trainz 22 standard steam edition, i have the Tidewater Point Railroad v3 route. Is this routes consist locked from using it outside of the default sessions? Cause when i go to create a session at tidewater, the intermodal containers consist and well cars and containers are nowhere to be found........thank yiou
From your description it is not clear exactly how you are creating the new session.

It is highly likely (but not certain) that all those consists are part of the default session and are not part of the route - this is in fact the recommended way of creating sessions by placing all the consists in the session and not the route.

So if you have started your new session by only loading the route and creating a new session then those consists will not be present.

If it is the case that the consists are part of the default session then the easiest way to proceed is to:-
  1. Load the Default session into Surveyor
  2. Select Save As... then select Save New Session
  3. Enter a name for your new session and click the tick/save
It is not possible to restrict consists to a single session or a single route. Once they have been loaded into Trainz they are available for all routes and sessions.
You could also open the session in surveyor, and use the selector tool in the consists window to save any consists you like from the session.

Then in your own session, you can select those consists to place where you want.
well, the locos are available and also the ap53 ttx well cars but the 40ft intermodal containers are not. unless theres another method for those......thanks
The intermodal containers are 40ft high cube containers. There are 9 in the objects tab of surveyor but there are more then 9 different colors and companies on the well cars.........thanks
If you mean the actual containers loaded on the well cars, they will be commodities you add by selecting the ? tool in the rolling stock window and then clicking the rolling stock on the tracks.

A window will appear that lets you choose the load - choose a suitable load and the container will appear.

Meanwhile there's a tool on the rolling stock window that if you select it and the click a car, it will choose the car from the list of rolling stock. It's kind of like the eyedropper in a paint program, except it "pickups" the rolling stock instead of a color.
well i see and put the 40ft container in the window but cant load it onto the well car. i tried for 3 hours but no go.......thanks
well i see and put the 40ft container in the window but cant load it onto the well car. i tried for 3 hours but no go.......thanks
I do not know what you mean by any of that.

Steps in Surveyor:
  1. Open the Trainz Tool (press the F7 key)
  2. Click on the "?" button
  3. Click on the Wellcar. This will open a Properties window for that car.
  4. Scroll down the window until you find the 40ft containers - there will be two entries, trailer_load_front and trailer_load_rear
  5. Click on one of the two grey icons for trailer_load_front (or trailer_load_rear, you can only use one or the other for 40ft containers)
  6. Click on the underlined text link 0. This will open a data entry window
  7. Type 1 and click the Tick. A randomly selected container will be added to the rear (or front) of the wellcar
  8. When finished click Save Changes
You can repeat the above steps for each wellcar to add a different loading (i.e. 20ft, 40ft, single stack, double stack) to each wellcar OR before you click Save Changes you can click the white circle icon with the 3 cars at the top of the container list to repeat your entered settings for all the wellcars in the consist but with a randomly selected container in each case.