Penrhyn station (Ffestiniog Line)


Recently i started in Gmax (had 2 or 3 goes in making things) and i wanted to redo the Ffestiniog line. So I thought that i should make the stations and various things. (massive task). So I thought i should post this picture of Penrhyn station that i'm making for the Ffestiniog. Also, does anyone know "Widowmaker" and his email address? And also could you tell some tips, and how do you make a roof?

Cheers, Daniel:)
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A roof...make a box, make width 3 segments, move the outer edges at both ends down, then you have a basic roof. Alternatively use planes.

Um Penrhyn station has alot more to it...if I remember correctly, the two doors you have is a notice board and the other is a notice board, I'm sure thats right, I stayed there in summer. I can check for you anyway.

I haven't actually got any pictures of Penrhyn station, I've got some of the crossing, I can get one of the new (and amzingly brilliant :p) Rhiw Goch signal box, various bits of Harbour station and Boston Lodge, and I would be able to get a few of Blaenau complete with its new red box. (A container being used as a shop)

If any of this would be of use email me, chrisclark14[at]btinternet[dot]com


Looks great! Can't wait to see this :D

Edit: I'll be willing to help with any part of this if you wish. I am the Ffestiniog nutcase you know :p
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Thanks guys.

@ Both of you,
I need as much help as i can get;). And as many references as i can get. (yeah, i know theres more to it) So if you guys (or anyone else) can help, it would make this route come along. If i can get Widomaker's permission (so i don't have to start again) i will release some screenies soon.

Cheers, Daniel:)
Thanks guys.

...If i can get Widomaker's permission (so i don't have to start again)...

Widomaker did a good job on the Ffestiniog. However, it is somewhat outdated now. I think it would be an apt time to start anew. With real gradients, realistic stations, and most important: realistic terrain. I've got the route building technique for this sort of layout almost down pat. And I would love to do one, with help of course.

If you would like to start a coop project, e-mail me :)

Realistic terrain for the FR would be near impossible without extensive use of splines and the like for cliff faces and sheer drops that surround the line. I am willing to help, email me if you can think of anything you need help with. I have alot of photos, or I can try to find some. There's loads out there.


ooh, this outta be good! Widowmaker's was a good attempt, but I look forward to seeing a new updated version.

Nice work on that station. :)

I'm currently working on a "Welsh Narrow Gauge" pack of various items that you may be interested in if you are planning on making an accurate Ffestiniog route.

Currently got track for 1ft 11in gauge (Ffestiniog, and some others use it) in clean, rusty, snow and snow/rusty versions. I might make some for the other gauges too. I'm right at this minute working on some dry stone embankments, and once their done I'm going to be doing a few bridges and tunnels. I also plan to make a few station buildings too - based of the Ffestiniog ones, but designed to be "modular" so you can build your own stations with them. I'm also on the verge of making some ground textures, cliffs, waterfalls and rivers suited for Snowdonia, but am not entirely sure whether there would be much interest.

What exactly is in the pack isn't for certain yet, as I want to use it to make my Christmas Route, so it will solely depend on how much I can get done within the next week/week and a half (to give me another week to actually make the route).

I'm currently working on it all day, everyday so it will almost definitely have all the track/bridges/tunnels done by then. Whatever isn't done by then, will be put in a second pack for release after Christmas. My eventual aim is to have a pack I can use for a large ficticious (but based on existing lines) Welsh route, with several narrow guage routes, linked by a mainline route (ala Blaenau Ffestiniog).

Due to the amount of time I've spent on it, I'll probably be releasing it as payware though. I'd like to do it all for free, but when I'm making Trainz items, I'm not working on my php projects. Depending on how much I do, I may release some of the basic items (track for example) as freeware, and do the rest as payware.
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I've really NO objections to anybody using my route of the Ffestiniog. If you think that it will help then feel free to use all or parts of it.:) Just keep us informed when you are about to release it.
Thanks everyone for their comments.

@fourjays5000. This pack sounds really good. I am looking forward to it, and it will defiantly help in the Ffestiniog line. Those dry stone embankments are exactly what we need for the line. Although we were trying to aim for a freeware route. But i'm looking forward to the stuff you release anyway.

@Sparky123456. Thanks for that. I think you can help. I've noticed that your quite good in Gmax. You can defiantly help with the references. But with Gmax is where we really need your help.

Cheers, Daniel:)
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I now have a roof on, and some window frames. (i'm not sure yet how to make glass or make a window look convincing.) But heres a two shots to update this.


Back (i'm not sure what the back looks like)

Cheers, Daniel:)

Window frames aren't necessary, as they only increase the polygon count of things. Most items, such as doors, windows, et cetera, are done in the texture. The less polys, the better.

On another note about polygons, you might want to take those pillars out, and use the draw tool to draw new ones, and turning down the interpolation to about 6 to 12 sides.

If you need any help send the model my way! :)
As someone who has spent the last five years working on numerous virtual Ffestiniog models (for the Ffestiniog Rly Co.) and a MSTS version of the route, then I'd like to say that I certainly wish you the best of luck with it. It's not an easy route to build!!

One word of advice I would give is that I would not try and make the whole route in one go, possibly do, say, Porthmaddog to Minfford first. This will give you a chance to practice your skills and also let you release something in a reasonable timescale.

Hopefully, the route will be released as freeware. I've certainly given a large amount of my own time (when I could have been doing more profitable things!!) making the stock available. It would be nice to think that the route would follow the same ethos.

Best wishes,
@Kevin, I think we will do sections at a time. And your engines and rolling stock are outstanding. How many double engines did you make?

Cheers, Daniel.

P.S., Alot has changed on the building since i last posted;)