Patched from 117669 to 119450 and no DLS.


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In all my time of 'updating' patches on either TS2019 or TRS22 this is the first time this has happened. Everything is working wonderfully well except that in Content Manager selecting 'Download Station' from the menu brings up a totally blank page. TANE SP4 and TS2019 SP0 on my hard drives are absolutely fine and can still access the Download Station through the Content Manager.

Fortunately I did a total backup of Build 117669 to an external hard drive before I patched to 119450 so I can delete TRS22 119450 if I have to and start again.
I've already tried the extended database rebuild ceremony and it didn't make any difference.
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All fine on Steam.

TS2019 Build 117026 on Steam is Ok for DLS access as well. So, - surprise, surprise it's just TRS22 that's gone bung.
Can’t recall off hand the build number of the Steam version but it was accessing DLS okay yesterday.

Slightly OT but my biggest gripe about TRS22 so far is that a small model layout I transferred over from TRS19 is really pounding the hardware. The fans are screaming like a banshee but barely stirred in ‘19. Reminds me of the early days in TANE when the devs were trying to convince us our PC’s and laptops were full of cat hair.

Guess I’ll be continuing to do the bulk of my route building in TRS19 still and just use 22 for the final polish and release.
I don't know what build the Steam version of TRS22 is either Vern.

I'm running N3V's version of TRS22 on a five year old CoolerMaster computer with an i5 3.0Ghz processor and while it's not entirely happy about it I'm not really having any issues with it. I don't know what they did to the Steam version, but it doesn't sound good.

I've put in a Help Desk ticket, but I'm not going to hold my breath waiting since their software seems to think it's an issue in TANE.
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Steam Version is 119449.

Just downloaded something from the DLS without any issue, not that's any consolation in your predicament.
Before panic sets in, make sure it isn't a DLS issue. I just checked and there are no updates since 24th of May. I cleared the cache and ran a DBR but that didn't change anything.
in build 121380 (TRS22+beta) the latest I see is 23-may
in build 100240 (the original TRS19) I see till 26-may
in build 94916 (T:ANE sp3?) the newest I see is 14-march
We're in the process of updating the server to rectify the delay in updating the listing. This will affect new installs and items added to the DLS since your last DLC listing update (hence the difference in various dates in various installs).