TRS22 is fine

Thank you for letting me know about what Trainz NEXT is. Looking forward to it!

I wholly agree with DRM - I don't like it at all that Trainz has DRM nowadays, and I think that some people might be buying newer versions of Trainz simply because their copy of TANE or TS12 (at least, I think only the DLC packs aren't working, right?) doesn't work anymore.

My main issue with these newer versions is optimization. I think performance is fine on my computer, as I consistently get around 60-90 FPS, so I'm not complaining about that. My laptop, in reviews (check my bio for my laptop's specs) has been given a lot of praise for being incredibly powerful yet the fans never spin up. No joke, Trainz made my fans spin up on higher settings. At full charge, I also always have around 8 hours left of battery as soon as I boot up Driver. Just Driver. Surveyor's fine, but not Driver. Do you guys have recommendations for performance settings that will still give me around 60 FPS but get a bit better battery? Or just leave them as-is? Here they are for my game:

Really, optimization is my main issue. My performance is just fine, and the game looks nice, but the only time the fans have audibly spun up for me were with this game on higher settings. I hope optimization is a bit better for the next mainline Trainz.
There's really not much you can do to squeeze more out of your laptop, maybe one of those laptop coolers might work. Lowering your draw distance will limit the load on the GPU, but nothing else. Trainz pushes that hardware right to its edge. TRS22 runs better than the others but as soon as you start terraforming and doing other CPU intensive work in Surveyor, your CPU will get hot, and the fans will crank up in addition your GPU already running at its limits with all the GPU stuff going on.

I've watched this with my own desktop, which is an i9 12900K, 64 GB RAM, and GTX 3080. I've helped the system stay a bit cooler by putting an extra fan on the case but there's not much else I can do with the CPU since DELL locked that down pretty tight.
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Oh. Well, thanks for letting me know about that, John. I really hope that optimization gets fixed with a future TRS22 Service Patch. That is the major thing bugging me with the game, but even so, I know that optimization could be a lot worse, so... I dunno. I'll tinker a bit with graphics settings and see if there's any noticeable changes with lowering or raising some settings. Again, thanks for letting me know more about TRS22 and its performance.