DLS and TRS22


I've started using TRS19/TRS22/TRS22+.

When I use the content manager I've found that quite a few built in assets come up with new version available, but when you try to download it, it changes to obsolete.

In general the dls/content manager needs starting a fresh. Searching is very basic, version numbers to me are a waste of time, it should be game version e.g. TANE, TRS19, TRS22 makes it easier to see what should work and what shouldn't.

If you find something in the content manager and double click it to read the description, a majority are blank.

The list goes on and on, don't get me started on kuid's lol.

A few points to consider here.

"Obsolete" simply means that a newer version is already installed. Many assets shown as "Newer version available" are simply stating the fact that an update to the selected version is available on the DLS but it is still possible that you may already have an even later "updated" version installed so downloading the "Update" can still result in you getting a version that is "Obsolete". This is not a problem because some users will want to update their existing version of an asset but not update it to the latest available version. So a download that results in a version labelled as "Obsolete" will not be a problem for them.

To check if you already have an updated version installed right click on the "Newer version available" or "Obsolete" asset and select "List Asset Versions". If you get an asset that is labelled simply as "Installed from DLS" (no "Obsolete" or "Newer...") then you already have the latest version.

Listing asset versions by the name of the Trainz version instead of a build number will cause other problems. You would need to include the SP number as well as the name, and sometimes more than one Trainz program name - for example Trainz build number 3.3 would have to be listed as "TS2010 SP2 / TS2010 SP3 / TS2009 SP4". Plus there is a "Minimum Build Version" filter in the Content Manager search function and a sort function that rely on the build number, not the name. There is a list of build numbers and Trainz name versions/SPs at https://online.ts2009.com/mediaWiki/index.php/"Trainz-build"_number

True, an annoying number of descriptions (but not the majority) are left blank. it is the responsibility of the asset creator to give a description of the asset, and I will say no more on that!

For a detailed description of the Status column in Content Manager see the Trainz Wiki page at https://online.ts2009.com/mediaWiki/index.php/Understand_Content_Manager_Status_Labels
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