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I accidentially made an interesting discovery pertaining to downloading via FTP content outside of a Content Manager. When Internet Explorer became an "unsupported browser" by many sites, I started using Google Chrome. Google Chrome stopped allowing FTP several months ago. I still occassionaly use Internet Explorer for sites that it still works on. I had loaded it to a site (http://www.thedieselshop.us/) that hosts a Trains Locomotive Roster listing locomotives by RR. When I exited Internet Explorer I left it as my default browser. When I went to https://www.auran.com/DLS/ via a shortcut I found I could download content kuid by kuid via FTP. When Google Chrome is loaded as my default I cannot do this. So FTP is a browser issue and not an Auran issue. The other day I FTP downloaded several DLS assets that were listed for versions 2009 and 2010 and downloaded those eventhough they are not available in TS12 or TRS19 via the Content Manger. I am still using 2010 though I have TS12 & TRS19. Most Build 3.5 and 3.7 (TS12) assets are easily backdated to 2010. Going to https://www.auran.com/DLS/ I can limit what I can see by only selecting assets for TS12 or lower. That weeds out all those TANE and above assets that cannot be backdated due to loss of the IM files. Once identified, I use TS12 to download those at build 3.5, do the backdating to build 3.3 in TS12, then export to CDP and download them into TS2010. I also find that in TS12 there are a lot of "unknown" assets unknown to both TS12 and TRS19 that I have in my 2010 files. I started with Trainz in 2004 so I have a lot of files now tagged obsolete that still work in 2010, and with some minor changes will work in TRS19. TRS19 is the last Trainz version I have purchased. Most assets for 2010 and below have been dumped from the DLS as of January, 2022.
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