Paddington to Bristol update


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I am currently doing an update to the section at Didcot Power Station, and would be interested to know if anyone could suggest whether I just use the update to be merged, or whether to re-release the section (5) complete.;) It consists of 4 boards.
hi Widowmaker
I think it would be easier if you released the complete section. If you give it the kuid2:78581:100072:1 to the map it should replace the old one automaticaly. Any further updates you just increase the last number by one.
Hiya widowmaker

I had a lousy machine (or grafics card anyway) and I was using exactly this portion of the route and gradually (trying!!) to build it up. The only bit that caused any "stutter" was Bristol itself, but then as I said, I had a lousy card. Memory, I only have 784Mb atm but will be upgrading. The Gfx I have upgraded to a decent "mid-range" and am dying to test it out but I have to do a re-install on Monday.

I personally love this route as I used to live in the area for quite some time so I'd say release the 4 parts as one.

Great route and thank you for this

The only question I have is the part between Swindon - Didcot moreorless at the Swindon exit - I couldn't remember a sharpish right-left-right. I looked on GoogleEarth and still couldn't see it. Am I wrong ... probably!! :hehe:

Station names would be useful, place names not so sure.

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I doubt if you are wrong.:D , but this was in the days before I discovered more detailed info. and I am hoping to update a fair amount. While I am doing the 'Didcot Power Station', I will also (hopefully) be doing the area around Didcot station, and sidings, because, now I know its incorrect.:eek: I did the original from the 'Quail Maps' and my in-experience led me to do it 'from the book' which means it is only representational.
I realised you had done it from "something" as an aid as overall it is far to accurate to be done from memory.

I'd offer to help you but my skills are way down the list for Trainz.

I eagerly await the new version ... whenever. Thank you..

Dont alter the Reading end and Taunton end to much as these slot nicely onto both my section and that of Angelah's WC section 1 route. The height is different but the position is spot on.