Northeast Corridor Project (WIP)

FWIW I seem to recall there is a tag to make a train ignore the track condition.

Which is handy if you want to run a highspeed train on an older route that was made pre-track condition. Run, say, a TGV on one of those routes where that ignore tag is not set and it rocks and rolls like mad.
Hey guys! This is an update on NEC North. During the period where I couldn't work on NEC South, I added a couple of additions to the route to hold myself off. One being an extension to Old Saybrook and building Southampton Yard, starting with the latter since thats what I began work on first. Now when it comes to rail yards for me (and large terminal stations like Washington Union Station), I do feel a little hesitation because of how large and complicated the yard would be, making the task a bit intimidating. Not helped by the fact that a task like it can be time consuming meaning I couldn't just do it all in one night. As such, I end up procrastinating on yards, choosing to spend my time on simpler assignments. But procrastination can get you so far and there comes a point where you just have to get it over with. I had been contemplating on weather or should work on Southampton Yard or Ivy City first, but I choose to do Southampton first since I had a head start on it and because it would be less complicated to build because its not a gradient.

This is a pic from July 29th but not much did change since I took the pic. Didnt really get too far since I had a lot of computer troubles the week and eventually cascaded into my motherboard dying and having to purchase a new one. Anyways, Im nearly done with the yard. I'll just have to find some time to wrap it up.

The second addition was the extension to Old Saybrook. I know I said I wanted to hold off on extensions until scenery had been completed but if Im being brutually honest, scenery can sometimes be tedious and I figured that I could just do both instead of only focusing on one aspect. I was pretty on and off with it if Im being honest. I took a short break from it once I was able to resume work on NEC South but resumed work last Thursday. Turned out I hadnt been too far off from reaching Old Saybrook from where I had left off because I was able to reach Old Lyme Bridge by days end, and Old Saybrook station the next day! Here's screencaps of the area, some of which are from a drive through I made once I finished most of Old Saybrook Station and the interlockings north and south of it. One thing I'll add, and something I forgot to touch on in the previous post but the reason the ground texture isnt the green grass is because I had to switch the route to grid region. Not that I didnt like the default green ground texture but it made it difficult to figure out differences between subtle terrain heights. Just thought I'd mention that





Reaching this destination was a little sentimental to me, mainly because its where the way I build the NEC now originated. Last year, around August, I began a pilot project for a new NEC route starting at Old Saybrook. Its this route where I first tried out the realistic track spacing. And where I figured out that this portion of the northeast corridor only had physical signals for interlockings and swing bridges. When I began work on NEC North, I entertained the idea of using that test route for the line but decided against it because of some inaccuracies. So with Old Saybrook now reached, Im much closer to reaching New Haven station. A fact that Im having a hard time believing myself. I had started this project back in November and almost a year later, Its already longer than any other route I've created. Same with NEC South. I began it around the same time as I did NEC North and (with a couple of breaks here and there), Im almost close to reaching Philadelphia. I hope that what I say next wont age badly, but Im starting to believe that my goal of a Northeast Corridor route in trainz covering the entire route from end to end, something I've fantasized about since I was 12, might become a reality.

Anyways, thats it for now. Im gonna try to work on this route and NEC South simultaneously so be on the look out for any future posts. Also, I may do a full run through of either routes in the near future so be on the look out or when those happen.
The NEC is one of the few routes I like in the US, mostly because , as I live in Europe where passenger traffic is much more a thing than in the US, I am used to heavy passenger transport instead of freight lines. My interest in TRS is in creating and running combined passenger/freight time table sessions. I cannot wait to see your NEC getting completed, much respect for doing this daunting job!

Kind regards,

Not a big update but I finished a portion of the gunpowder river and a recorded a video of myself driving over it. It was amazing and Im really happy it turned out as well as it did. Just wish the edits I made to the water colored remained. Maybe Im doing something wrong idk

The NEC is one of the few routes I like in the US, mostly because , as I live in Europe where passenger traffic is much more a thing than in the US, I am used to heavy passenger transport instead of freight lines. My interest in TRS is in creating and running combined passenger/freight time table sessions. I cannot wait to see your NEC getting completed, much respect for doing this daunting job!

Kind regards,


I can agree with you on that. The Northeast Corridor is awesome with how unique it is compared to the rest of the country. The variety it offers scenery, trains, signals, and catenary is just a sight to behold. Anyways, Im glad you find interest in this project! ^^
Nice route so far. I have seen previous NEC projects in the past, but those were never completed unfortunately and I don't want this project to suffer the same fate. Keep up the good work.
Nice route so far. I have seen previous NEC projects in the past, but those were never completed unfortunately and I don't want this project to suffer the same fate. Keep up the good work.

Thank you! I dont have any plans of abandoning this project any time soon, especially because of how far I am in with both routes. Both on their own are already longer than my previous nec route so it would be a waste to just throw scrap 2 100+ mile routes XD, although that might make a good april fools thing
Hey guys! Its been a while since I posted in here, hasn't it? (and I see the latest two posts were about a spam bot). I've been quite busy these past few weeks with school and other responsibilities that I haven't really had that much time to work on either NEC North or South to an extent. But during the past few weeks, I've managed to make some progress on NEC South and long story short, I reached Philadelphia 30th Street Station! On Wednesday specifically. Im honestly surprised at how quickly I managed to reach it, way quickly than reaching New Haven on NEC North. But even though the distances between Wilmington and Philadelphia, and Old Saybrook and New Haven are about the same, the former section isn't as curvy as the latter. Well regardless, Im glad I was able to reach at least one of the half way points to New York near the anniversary of both of these routes.

For this post, I'll only really be showing what I have of 30th Street Station, since there's not a lot to show for the portions between Wilmington and Philadelphia. Most of it is literally tracks and nothing else anyway. The first pic was taken on the day I reached it and the next 3 were taken last night after I had added the platforms and some signals.




As you can see, I only have the lower level and interlocking south of the terminal constructed. I definitely have a lot of work cut out for me when it comes to completing both levels and the yard facilities for Septa and Amtrak respectively. I am little uncertain about the platform lengths though. Since the lower level is "underground", I can just measure it on google maps like I would with above ground stations. Fortunately, I'm wasn't as helpless with this as I thought I would be as I have a pdf map of the entire septa njt system by Richard E Green. The map is very detailed and shows the platform length of 30th street station... 14 cars. Multiply that by 85 (the average passenger rail car in the US is 85 feet long) and you get a length of 1190 feet. For the platforms I rounded it out to 1200 feet to be a little flexible. Still... Im not too positive if the platforms are long enough. A lot of this comes from rear view videos and me placing a consist of Penny's Congressional in the station and parts of the coaches were hanging off the platform. Maybe I screwed up? Maybe that's the actually length? I dont know but Im in the earliest stages of building the station so I can easily apply the edits without too much of a hassle.

That's pretty much it for now! Hope you guys enjoyed this small update and I'll be sure to update soon once I have the time ^^
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Forgot to update this thread but I made a little video of the Acela blasting through Sharron in NEC North

I know you guys are probably wondering when is this guy gonna do a full drive through video instead of small snip bits? Well I was playing around I was playing around with the idea of possibly doing one on NEC South with the Acela, following a timetable from December 2000 to commemorate its 22nd birthday. Also from experience, the Acela Express in Trainz is much more controllable to drive on NEC South in contrast with NEC North. Because despite how many times I've tried, I'll either slow down to early or outrun the platforms at Route 128 nine times out of ten. Also there aren't as many of the annoying constant speed increases and decreases that plague that portion of the corridor. Hopefully I'll be able to find time in between wrapping up last minute projects and studying for finals to do it.
So I decided to randomly record whilst playing NEC North. Still plan on doing the December 11th Acela drive through but in case that cant happen (College finals are a b!tch), this video will be a substitute

Hey guys... its been a while since I actually updated this thread. So much so that I probably think its dead? Perhaps that gap between September and November is the cause, but I dont know. Im not gonna make a new thread for this since at that point, I'd basically be making a new thread each time one times. Hopefully more activity on my part will revive it! Anyways, this update's going to focus on what I have so far of the Shore Line East portion of the NEC from Old Saybrook to just north of New Haven. I say "just north of" because I havent actually reached NH Union Station yet. Im currently at the junction where the Springfield Line and the NEC join up, and I dont even have the junctions up yet. I will add those once I reach the station, along with figuring out the gradients which west of Branford have proved a challenge to discern. I was going to wait until I actually reached it to make this update but I dont know how long that will take in all honesty. Its not because of school (though it does start back up on the 24th), but because of the webcomic I'm working on (yes I'm a webcomic artist). And while both are personal projects, that has a little more priority over this one.

Unlike...well everything south of Kingston, this portion has been the easiest to build, mostly. The way I build my routes is that I'll put a ruler up on my computer screen, align it with the tracks on google maps, and try my best to make sure the angle a straight track is going in about the same as it would be in real life. It can be super tedius trying to make sure the screen isnt rotated slightly, and even more so when you're dealing a very curvy alignment. Thats made building NEC North south of Kingston very annoying and why I've been working on NEC South a lot more. Now there are curves between Old Saybrook and New Haven, dont get me wrong, but there are a lot more longer straight sections. Long enough that Amtrak can paste a 125 speed limit between 85mph curves, and thats what bugs about this section in general. It feels like Amtrak is trying milk every long straight section they can just so the Acela (and regionals) can get through those sections quicker, even if every curve has a speed restriction that's half the set speed limit on the straight portion. Because despite the tilting function, Acela is still limited by the amount of curves on this alignment, with them allowed to go 10mph faster than regular trains. So they have to make up for the 70 and 60 speed limits by having a whiplash effect of speed limits where you're going to be constantly accelerating and decelerating not being able to stay at the lines speed limit for long!

Okay, I think on a big tangent there (test driving this portion in the Acela once its done is *not* going to be fun) so here's Westbrook:

Now building this station was a little interesting. Because of when this (and NEC South) take place, the high level platforms aren't open for service yet, so the temporary low level boards are being used. This is actually the first location on this route specifically that seems to be stuck in the early 2010s, more so than the low level platforms at Kingston and the truss bridge over the NEC at Readville.


Next up is Clinton station, where the speed drops to 105 from 120, before going back to 120 and then dropping down to 85..OKAY OKAY I'LL STOP I'LL STOP XD. You may notice that the inclusion of catenary and pylon setups within these photos. With this portion specifically, I've actually been adding electrification (in portions at least), while creating sections instead of doing it afterwards. This is for 2 reasons. Firstly, I realized that it would make my life easier to add the wires before adding the bridges because not doing so would be a nightmare, something which was hammered in whilst adding wires to the canton viaduct. Secondly, its inevitable that I'm going to have to do this for the entirety of the route so why not make my life easier by getting started on certain sections ahead of time. When I first started this project back in November 2021, I shied away from adding wires since I didn't know what I was going to use but after working on this project for over a year, I know how to use the bald catenaries properly.

Next station is technically Madison but Im gonna skip that station to move onto Guildford since there's quite a bit more going on there. This station is a lot more recent, as I did take a long break from this route once I reached Madison before picking it back up once I finished finals in December. Its also the first Shore Line East station between New Haven and Old Saybrook to have platforms on both sides of the tracks (before Westbrook came along). Now apparently Shore Line East operates trains on opposite sides of the tracks, with Westbound trains running local on track 2 before switching in the afternoon. Not going to lie, this is a very unorthodox method of operating trains, but I guess it was cheaper than building a second platform and operating normally. I think that might change now that every station between New Haven and Old Saybrook (except for Madison) having 2 platforms instead of just one. Its also wear the last highspeed interlockings are on the NEC until south of Penn Station ;_;

Lastly, there's Branford station, where the triple digit speed restrictions end for miles until New Jersey, and where New Haven is just around the corner. There is more beyond this but I want to save those when I actually reach New Haven. This also means that, just like with NEC South, Im finally at the half way point between Boston and New York! Well, almost but you get what I mean. Can I just say, all of this has been a surreal experience. Ever since I started playing Trainz on my ipad mini when I was 11 years old, the idea of a northeast corridor route in trainz or any other sim stretching from Boston to Washington has been a day dream if anything else. Something I would fantasize over and try to make a reality over the past 9 years. This project, along with NEC South, has been the most successful NEC project I've built to date. Both are longer than any route I've built in Trainz period, going further than any of my other projects. The last project went as far as Levittown, and as north as Mamaroneck which is a good achievement, dont get me wrong, but these two routes have exceeded that previous project combined! And have made the day dream of a continuous NEC route in trainz a reality. And to think NEC North just started out as a substitute experience for Boston Sprinter from Train Sim World, as a way to test out using procedural tracks which I've never used before. And I think what's made this experience more special is the fact that I've been able to share it with you lot. Even though this has been a personal project through and through, being able to share my creation has provided me with a little more motivation. And for that I just want to say thank you :).
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There was an old train game I played called Microsoft Train Simulator which featured the Northeast Corridor route from Philadelphia to D.C. To see it and more in Trainz is like a reliving of this route, one that needed some major rework done. I can safely say that, after seeing the progress you made, you done well to recreate the entire route thus far.
There was an old train game I played called Microsoft Train Simulator which featured the Northeast Corridor route from Philadelphia to D.C. To see it and more in Trainz is like a reliving of this route, one that needed some major rework done. I can safely say that, after seeing the progress you made, you done well to recreate the entire route thus far.

Thanks! Accuracy has been my number one goal when making real life routes in trainz, especially with the Northeast Corridor; from using different concrete ties replicating the different types of ties the NEC uses to even replicating the distance between the rails from real life. All for the sake of accuracy and providing an authentic experience. And while there are places where I've had to take creative liberties and compromises, I hope I can do a good job at translating this awesome route into trainz, especially a completed version running all the way from DC to Boston which hasn't been seen in Train Simulator nor MSTS. Also its funny you bring up that Philadelphia to DC route because its actually what inspired me to recreate the NEC in trainz. I havent played Microsoft Train Simulator, but I did watch a video review of Pennsylvania Railroad Eastern Region, which does use that route as a baseboard (I think but I could be wrong). That was almost a decade ago but I can remember the feelings of aw at how something of that scale could exist in a video game. It was really inspiring!
I do apologize once again for the lack of activity, but I have some big news for you guys! Earlier this month, I finally reached New Haven Union Station! Now, the reason why I held off on showing it was because I wanted until I had complete a reasonable portion of the station layout and yard but thanks to school, I only have the trackwork for the station laid out, that and the approach from Mill River interlocking and State Street Station. But I can always post updates once I find to do them so for now, here's some screenshots:



Of course, south of New Haven is New York City, but like with NEC South, I am going to pause on expansion to focus on finishing up the current sections I have done at the moment; focusing on finishing yards, scenery additions and of course, the overhead wires. As a side note, it was in the process of making the station that I realized that Train Sim’s New York New Haven route might not be as helpful in terms of gradients. In that game, it illustrates the Union Station and the approach to State Street as being on level hill, when its actually on a downhill slope. I don’t think I would’ve figured this out if I hadn’t been paying attention to photo references but then again, I feel like I should have seen this coming when I watched gameplays of that route and the Harlem Line for TSW2 and how the former showed the park avenue tunnel and grand central being level when in the latter its not. Still, I don’t think its as unreliable as their first Northeast Corridor route so I may use it as a light reference.

Like I said in the past, I would release both NEC North and South once I had reached Philadelphia and New Haven respectively. However, I don’t want to release them just yet. Both are not in a state where I’d feel comfortable dropping them on the download station. Unless you guys don’t mind driving through mostly nothing. There is also one custom cloned asset used in NEC South that prevents me from dropping it onto the DLS. I don’t think I’m alone when I say how annoying it is to download a route online to find it has like 100 missing assets. With these two routes, I have gone out of my way to use content that can be found on the download station or in official pay ware, and apart from rolling stock and that one custom asset, you shouldn’t have any problems when downloading these routes. I have thought about having these routes packaged in a google drive, along with any custom stuff I included in there, along with appropriate rolling stock so you guys wont have to scrabble around the internet looking for amfleets and aem-7s like I did. I’ll keep you guys tabbed on updates regarding NEC North and South and their eventual updates.
Thank you for the update, and this is no small feat your working on, that's for sure. I was taught by several good Masters in different Crafts over the last 60 yrs, Quality Triumphs Quantity for measurable success. I can see this in your Route.

And I like your going to School too! That is so important in today's fast moving Technical/Analytical world we live in.

It takes a bit too balance fun and work times, however remember your still Human, take scheduled brakes, especially for creativity, it's the Pause that refreshes and keeps the mind sharp.... :wave:
Thank you for the update, and this is no small feat your working on, that's for sure. I was taught by several good Masters in different Crafts over the last 60 yrs, Quality Triumphs Quantity for measurable success. I can see this in your Route.

And I like your going to School too! That is so important in today's fast moving Technical/Analytical world we live in.

It takes a bit too balance fun and work times, however remember your still Human, take scheduled brakes, especially for creativity, it's the Pause that refreshes and keeps the mind sharp.... :wave:

Thanks!! I guess my research and attention to detail payed off. Also I appreciate your understanding with the stuff going on in my life right now. I do feel bad for not updating this thread that frequently, even though there are perfectly justifiable reasons as to why I haven't posted anything in here for nearly 2 months now. Along with college, I also have a webcomic I'm working on, which in itself does hold much more priority over this project. Both are hobbies but this one is more of something I do in my spare time and is mostly for fun. In fact, this is the first time I've ever publicized a route I was working on in Trainz. And in a way, the experience is similar to when I publicized my comic series almost 4 years ago now. But from that experience, I have understood that I can take breaks from what Im working on even though Im no longer keeping it to myself.

Anyways enough rambling. I'll probably make some type of update this upcoming May once I have the time!
Hey guys! I know its been a while since I updated this thread but Im back regarding modifcations and additions to my Northeast Corridor Project. This time, I’ve decided to devote this post both NEC North and South instead of focusing on individually. Just because I feel the content for either routes wouldn’t warrant their own posts.

For NEC North, I haven’t expanded the route in any way since reaching New Haven. I have, however, been working on adding catenary poles, gantries, and wires. Adding electrification here (at least in the way Im doing it), is very time consuming and would better to do it than wait until after I expanded to Bridgeport or Stamford. There places where I have placed down wires prior to reaching New Haven, so my job now is to link up those sections. So far, the longest section of electric wiring is between Branford and where the lines runs along Leetles Island Road. There’s a section of electric wiring where the Guilford station and at the rate Im going at, it won’t take as long. Although I will admit, it can be very tedious having to place down every single pylon and link them up with small wire spline instead of one long spline, but in a weird way its quite therapeutic. Anyways, my hope is to get most of it done by the end of the summer, by which I can then expand the route to Bridgeport.


For NEC South, I’ve been doing the same, though unlike North, I have extended the route north of Phili, and as of Last Friday, I’ve reached Trenton. I would like to preface that this was apart of the plan. Initially, I only wanted to get the line to North Philadelphia station but google map’s update at the beginning of the year sent me into a panic of not being able to adapt Midway Interlocking before the wooden ties were replaced with concrete ones faithfully. For any new viewers following this thread, these routes are set around the early 2010s (around 2013), so any additions made to NEC after 2015 are omitted. This makes it difficult when there is a change and I pretty much have to work backwards using photos and videos to recreate how a certain section initially looked, which is easier said than done. At the time of writing this, the view of Midway is still the same as it was before the update so I may have overreacted but better safe than sorry I suppose. I still have the replica model I made on the route to go back to. (Side note: if you see a four track interlocking south of the Susquehanna bridge when exploring the route, that’s midway interlocking).

Anyways, instead of jumping straight to Trenton, I thought it would be fun to go through certain areas along the route because unlike the line between Philadelphia and Wilmington, there’s a lot more to discuss. And its not as bare as that portion was when I reached Philly. First is North Philadelphia, which is one of the least used stations along this portion of the line, alongside Newark Delaware and Cornwell’s Heights. Which is a damn shame when you consider how important this station was for Pennsylvania Railroad. And if you realize how much potential this station has. Its location next to the former Reading Suburban Lines make it perfect for a transfer station in the vein of Secaucus Junction. Yes, I know Septa connected the PRR and Reading lines via Market Street but having a station here would be a lot better for riders and cut their journey times in half. For example, if you wanted to go from Bristol to Norristown, a transfer at North Philadelphia would make the trip shorter without having to travel into city. But that’s just my opinion.

After this is Frankford junction, a location which feels pretty cursed, mainly because of the 50mph curve. This is the second major speed restriction on the NEC between Philly and New York, next to the Elizabeth curve in New Jersey, until the latter was raised up to 80 and 85 recently. Looking at the Elizabeth curve, I was pretty confused as to why it was 55mph. Yeah, it was an S curve, but it didn’t seem that sharp to where a 55mph restriction was warranted. The Frankford junction curve, by contrast, definitely warrants its 50mph restriction, and I'm genuinely surprised that it took until 2015 for a train to jump the tracks here, in the nearly 200 or so years that the line has existed. I do know there was another one in 1943 but from what I’ve read, it seems the incident didn’t involve the curve in any specific way

After that, the line is relatively straight, running through the northern suburbs of Philly before we reach Cornwells Heights, the other least used station on the NEC. I was quite nervous here that place an invisible station here would f*ck up the super elevation but for the southbound track, I can safely so it wont. I cannot say the same for the northbound track but at least the platforms aren’t for the mainline tracks (the middle two ones). As a side note, it does feel quite refreshing to not build a ton of station along this route like I had to for the Wilmington section. Most of the Septa stations here are spaced out and small, sometimes being nothing more than a shelter. It seems this area north of Philadelphia wasn’t as developed as it was south of the city up until the end of World War 2. Its probably why you don’t have 6 stations within a 2 mile stretch of track like there was on the Wilmington Line.

Speaking of post war suburbs, this brings up to our next stop which is Levittown, Pennsylvania. The only station that was opened to serve one the communities built by the Levitt brothers. There’s not much to see here and I would’ve skipped it if not for one thing. If you look on my youtube channel, you could see a drive through of one of my older northeast corridor routes. On that specific route, I only got as far as this station before putting a halt on the project due to my first year of college. That was almost 3 years ago and now in 2023, I’ve reached it again with this route. Because of this, I know have a point of comparison between what I had down previously and what I can do now.

After Levittown is Trenton but before that is the stone arch bridge crossing over the Delaware River. For each location, you’ll see what I had done for this project, and the original one:


The differences here are night and day, especially in regards to bridge. Part of the reason why I abandoned the initial project was my discovery that the line was too high up in its elevation, which is why the bridge looks much higher in the original when compared to the current route. Back then, I wasn’t as patient for the focused and detail-oriented approach I do now. So my routes weren’t as one to one as mine are now hopefully. Not dumping on the work 17 year old me did of course. That original route became more of a learning experience for me and I do still play it from time to time.

Finally we get to Trenton, and I’ll be doing the same thing by showing off how it looks in the current route and what I did in the original:


Honestly, apart from the spacing between the tracks being not as huge in the newer version, the scenery in the original route, both are pretty much the good in terms of failthfulness, although the overbridge in the newer one is much more in line with its real life counterpart since I placed two walkover bridges on top of each other instead of placing just one.

Anyways, I would stop here but Im sure I will. I do see myself continuing to work north of Trenton and see myself reaching New York in NEC South before the end of the summer (at the time of posting this, Im about mile away from where Jersey Avenue Station will be), and much earlier than I would in NEC North. That does throw a wrench in my plans of having the release of this route be between Philadelphia and Washington but I guess its whatever. That’s all I have for now. I’ll come back soon with more updates regarding both routes, and maybe a drive through video for NEC South real soon! Cya