Content Needed For Northeast Corridor and Others.


TPR Route Creator
Greetings Content Creators!!! As most you you know we are continuing and will finish the Northeast Corridor route we started in Trainz Pro Routes.
Karan Yerneni and Thomas Rae have been working diligently with the route as well. The Wilmington to Philadelphia route was relased with TRS 09 and is now being completed all the way to Washington DC.

We are looking for content creators to create a few landmark buildings along the way to be included in the route. The only stipulation is that the content has to be released on DLS as the route will be multiplayer and all content has to be on DLS.

The first structure we need is the IRS building just South of 30th street station in Philadelphia as it is a landmark structure for the area and the trackage goes right under the building.

Is anyone interested? There will be other structures also if you want to create different things. With currently several routes in development, other building opportunities will arise to show off your skills.

How many people would want to be content creators?

First the IRS building is needed. Who is interested?

Thank you for any interest.

Jeff - N5VAV - KUID:56511 - Trainz Pro Routes
Wow, no one is interested in creating any content? :(

You might be in luck because Im building an NEC route at the moment. I dont have anything that could come close to presentable at the moment but I have a thread I made on it if youre interested:

Besides me, I also know of another NEC project in the works. This is the thread for it right here:
I create a LOT of content, mostly Payware but some Freeware and on the DLS, let me have a list and a few drawings/pics and I will see what I can do