New Tutorial Site Page - Can I patch my version? (TS2009/TS2010/TS12)

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I do have builtin, seems I missed selecting it when I copied the list, I have windows set up to display all file extensions.

KeywordsDump.dat is only present if you have given anything keywords in content manager, trainzoptions.txt was removed in SP1, not sure why I still have one there, it's not in my other install, if you need it, it now lives in the Userdata folder and you have to recreate it.
Thanks Malc; Sorry for the delay, I got carried away installing that Rollins Pass NG36 (one of the reasons I finally got up the nerve to install SP1). It sure looks good! Not a darn thing missing and never left CM once looking for an item. Now I have to populate it with all the rolling stock I collected and fixed. I hope that goes as well. I should have done this ages ago!

Thanks for everthing...cheers...Rick
Hi Kris,

Thankyou for your response.

Just out of interest, is there anywhere particular that I can get information regarding the regional versions and their patch status (as mentioned in post #2)? I am aware of the Just Trains one, and the versions that are also on the official Service Packs page.


Shane I was cross-linking Build announcements to posts here in footnotes (here) on the Wikibook last winter. I didn't get far (if at all) on language/regional releases for the most part, but it's got more data and dates than the TrainzWiki base. You could update it as you go as well! // Frank
Just found this service! \0/
Thank you.
Currently downloading 49922 to 57720.
Easy to find, easy to suss out.
CheerZ Shane!
Safing your registry entries and cloning Trainz before an upgrade

There were a number of folks having trouble patching TS2009 in the thread above. I thought I'd document a way to do it without too much fuss and bother, and keep your TS09-SP3 if you like.

re: This request post above on page one

I need help with my trainz.I use trainz 2009 im trying to install the 4th service pacth,I've downloaded all necessary updates but it still will not install can you guys help me?
Getting TS2009-SP4 to update was a nightmare. Three times it made it 2.5+ hours in, showed a process nearly 99% completed, then wouldn't finish! Instead aborted with error message.

SOooooohohoho ... Here's a way to go:

  1. Rename the folder TS09-SP3 or Copy it some other place, perhaps with a better name. (six of one, half-a...)
    1. [It'll still be useable, so hang onto it! It's a super-TRS2006 with all the goodies and most of the bugs stomped + improvements (mostly-the dark colored screen makes many HTML pages lack contrast. Sigh!)]
    2. The best way to copy is between two different Hard Drives. So put your backups on the drive which should be used least.
    3. The critical thing in running more than one version is to start directly launching by double-click on the executable file in the correct folder.
    4. Or you can do as I do and set up a folder full of Trainz shortcuts with clearly labeled names, usually keyed by Drive~Foldername~Trainz or CM.
    5. By whatever means you chose, you should have a
  2. Now look for the Hkey for that old foldername version. [CTRL]-[F] for the Hkeys. Enter '\pathspec\' and hit [F3] to search over and over. Just look around. The MUIcache and RUNmru Hkey entries can be totally ignored. These are just scratchpads for faster launching. You'll find some CLSIDs Hey names in hexadecimal, which in newer windows will map to virtual drives. Again ignorable. Lastly, you'll see at least two entries for ContentManager.exe and Trainz.exe. In that search tour, you'll see the key data--the install path and the build code in the same table.
    1. That is reachable quickly at the end of your tour by (3) below.
    2. You'll have to reposition the Find location by clicking again on the top entry of the left pane.
    3. Note: When on a found key that is a value (the paths '\TS2012\' for example) you can switch left pane to right pane with the [TAB] key, which toggles back and forth between the left 'tree pane' and the right 'data values' pane.
  3. 'TrainzSimulator' is the fastest search term in regedit to get where you need. Return to the top and click the computer icon, then [CTRL][F] and enter that word as the search word.
  4. [Enter] and it should go right to the tree showing all the newer N3V trainz under that Hkey.
    1. If you have the TR's installed, they'll be one key up and over in the Auran>products Hkeys.
    2. The arrow keys are active in the Left pane, so carefully move around a bit to see their effect.
    3. Return to highlight (select or Find) that 'TrainzSimulator' Hkey.
  5. Export that Hkey both as a text and as a registry (.reg) file: [ALT][F] dropdown+drag to Export.
  6. Do the same for the target folder (SubKey with just that install data--the build code is in there, you want that later to hook up the SP3 directory properly) which I suggested you rename above so it's now wrong in that tree which will have the old folder name.
    1. That's the data sets to capture, giving yourself a snapshot of everything important, even if it is a 'clear' (currently wrong) folder name.
    2. If you copied the old install elsewhere, obviously the path exists, so it's still right!
    3. You should end up with four clearly named files, two text, two *.reg files. Either kind can be used to 'refresh' their Hkeys, or modified to install a copied folder as we'll do later in this case.
  7. OKAY, now copy your new TS09-SP3 to the old name or the other way. Either way you have a old foldername and a newfolder name. (My SP3 folder is showing a mere 3,109 folders, 39,207 files, and 6.45Gb while my SP2 folder is showing a mere 0,282 folders, 02,394 files, and 3.60Gb on the HDD.)
  8. Goto the oldnamefolder you could goto ..\local and delete everything with [SHIFT]+[DEL] (that deletes them without sending them to the trashcan folder) but the better way is just to drag that whole folder up above the TS09 root s.a. ..\Auran or ..\N3V. Now make a new ..\locals folder (if needed).
  9. Now, RUN that CM, do a QDR -- go watch some TV or something. Likely take at least a half-hour.
  10. Congrats, you now have a copy with ZILCH downloaded content. Try the update again.

Now in SP4? Good, You can't just copy that \local folder on top of the SP3 (Notice the different file structures. SP4 is where TS09 was converted to the same directory structures as TS10 and TS12 now use. Unlike SP3 it has an '..\original' folder, so since all your downloaded and your fixed assets are in the old '..\local' folder, and the storage schemes don't match, you must now import that folder.

The proper (analogous) path is in UserData\local. Here you can try to copy to the '..\original' or '..\local' folders and then do an EDR. Me, I like to keep a 'Clean' or 'Naked' Install as a backup or test bed--good way to see if that route's dependencies are on the DLS, you know! So before I'd do anything else, I'd copy the Clean Install to another HDD. HDD-HDD transfers or copy operations are far faster than copying to the same disk; One set of disks head just reads, the other writes... and both have high-speed DMA buffering (cache), which speeds the data stream a lot.

If you are running TS10 or TS12 you can open both the original and local folders... and copy the subfolders-now-opened '..\UserData\original', CTRL-A+CTRL-C to copy the folders in the old ..\local folder, then make it unvirgin, as you've pasted copied subfolders in the new '..\original' folder. TS09-SP4 will have to be content with the targeted copying of data folders.

All safe, now you can explore loading that ..\local folder in the new version. But when you copy it, you have to do an EDR, if you import instead, finish with a QDR. I'll put up a 'Part-II fixing the registry' tomorrow or the next day.

// Frank
I have reinstalled TS 12 and am in the process of patching. I cannot get build 58414 to patch to build 61388. I keep getting a message like: "unable to create backup file...c:\TS12_V3\bin\Debuginterface_7c.dll.pbk" Anybody have any idea what I need to do? Could not find any answer on forum search.

I have TS2010, build 43361 that I downloaded from Amazon yesterday. According to your list, it is non-patchable.

Sorry for my ignorance, but what does that mean?

I'm beginning to think I wasted my 20 dollars.
I guess your TS10 is by "Steam" ?

Buying direct from the N3V store SimCentral avoids allot of problems.

Buying a hard disc copy avoids DRM (ships in a little over 1 week).

Buying TS12 from JointedRail gets you a free $20 loco
Didn't get it from it from Amazon.

I'm really disappointed that a non-upgradeable version is being sold without informing the buyer of potential problems.

E-mail has been sent to Amazon. Will wait and see what they have to say...

I have TS2010, build 43361 that I downloaded from Amazon yesterday. According to your list, it is non-patchable.

Sorry for my ignorance, but what does that mean?

I'm beginning to think I wasted my 20 dollars.
Well, good luck with that. I experienced similar problems trying to patch a fresh install of TS12 -- spend two days trying and never could get it to patch beyond 49922.

I tried to run the 58414 to 61388 patch again worked! WTF? Only difference I know of is that I closed Trainz and just went straight to MyTrainz site and ran the patch. Hope you can get yours straightened out.

BTW, where in WV are you? I lived in Parkersburg '77 to '84.
I tried to run the 58414 to 61388 patch again worked! WTF? Only difference I know of is that I closed Trainz and just went straight to MyTrainz site and ran the patch. Hope you can get yours straightened out.

BTW, where in WV are you? I lived in Parkersburg '77 to '84.

Glad you got your install to work!

I'm down in the southern end of W.Va., near Beckley, in the highlands above the New River Gorge. I always liked Parkersburg -- when I was working in Charleston I used to get up to Parkersburg a good bit.
Many Thank's,ut i dont understand,i have train simulator deluxe 2012 v6.2c,so how to update it?many many build numbers,and fix...........i'm not computer,i'm just a human.i type in google bar:train simulator deluxe 2012 site officiel,i see Train Simulator 2015 in the first link,so how can i know informations about TS 2012?.but thank's for your work member "shaneturner12 "

DX09C Install Utility

Hi Shane.
I need to install the DX09C .dll file. JCitron directed me to your Utilities page but I am not finding the utility.
Can you get me there?
Mick Berg.
Hello Shane,

Can you be doing anything for us Mac users? I've been looking and asking on the Mac Forum but nothing that was suggested to me worked. I had originally asked how I could update my game every. Every time I activate the game I would get this window: "An update for T:ANE is available from the N3V Games website. Would you like to install it now?"

I chose to do so, many times, but it just seemed to stall on my screen without anything happening. The good folks at the Mac Forum gave me many suggestions, none of which helped.

In desperation, I deleted that version and eventually purchased what I thought was the latest version for Mac, "Trainz A New Era" and started building my route from scratch. Later on, I went through some of my computer's back up discs. (I am a firm believer in backing up my system onto several separate discs) I located a copy of an older version.

Now, my question is, is there anyway to merge the two versions or at least transfer or copy over certain sections? The older version is Build 80413 and the latest one is Build 82867.

I would appreciate any help that you can offer.

Thank you.

Trainz 2009 Giveaway

Moderators - if this is in the wrong place, please put it in the right place.

Hi Trainzers,

Welcome to the latest page on my tutorial site that deals with patches.

The patches cover TS2009, TS2010, TS12 and the four route-related N3V DLCs.

It's called 'Can I patch my version?', and is called that for a reason. Basically, it's an index of which versions I know have patches available, and where on my tutorial site the relevant patch link is.

The page contains the build numbers that I know the patching details for. If your build is not showing, and you know of a patch for it, let me know.

This is available at

Feedback, as always, is appreciated. Please let me know either via this thread, or via PM if it is sensitive.


EDIT: If you are unsure how to install a patch, see my guide at

NOTE: If you are using Windows XP, you must be running Service Pack 3 in order to install patches. Also, certain patches require DirectX 9 August 2009 or later before they will install.

EDIT EDIT: At this point in time, I have not got a link to TS12 SP1 Hotfix 2 on my tutorial site. However, this can be downloaded from the Auran Announcements forum.

Can someone help? I have registered but can find no link to download this free product. I get this on the site; "Click Newsletters to register for and download the Trainz 2009 free offer".
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