New to Trainz?...How to use the Auran Trainz Discussion Forums, Daily!


  • You must register, in the Profiles Page, by clicking Profiles, on the Website Menu Bar.
You have to get a cookie every visit, and they are cleared, once you log out.

First, on the Forums Menu Bar, please visit the FAQ page, for important information about the Auran Forum Community.

Register the product code, on the Profiles Page, or just click the button that says "Register Now!"
Then, go to the "Trainz Discussion Forums," (Currently Titled "Trainz Classics)."
  • You will see a Trainz Discussion Forums Index Page.
Depending on you browser, create a Quick Launch, from the Links Folder, on the Toolbar, or a Desktop Icon, or a Start Menu Icon, etc, from the index page.

This allows you to open the Forum Index when you visit, then log in.

Then, you see a quick "Redirect Page."

  • After the "Thank you for logging in..."page, your back to the Forum Index.
On the Forums Menu Bar, click on "New Posts." This will bring up quite a few pages, depending on when you last logged in.

For me, it's generally 5-7 pages, daily, once every twenty-four hours.

  • Quickly, browse each title to the topic...
If you recognize a subject, click the may learn something, you can post, if your logged in.
  • If you don't recognize the subject yet, I leave it to your discretion...if you don't have a clue, pass, until you see the title for several visits.
  • If it's negative, some one's mad and their leaving, some personal complaint, the end of the world, the end of Auran Trainz, a non technical issue, etc, avoid it like the Black Plague!
You'll learn to scan quick, and that leaves more time for other adventures. After several visits, if a particular topic catches you eye, by all means, check it out!
  • When you reach the last page, go to the menu bar, and select "Quick Links, Mark Forums Read."

  • The Trainz Discussions Forums Index re-appears, then select Log Out, and close the page.

Here, you find cookies are removed, however you may "Come Back!"

If by some unfortunate delay, you time-out, you may use the Today's Posts item, on the Quick Links menu.

Sometimes, you may time-out, whilst posting. In that event, merely log in, and you will see your post. That may cut off your Posts since last visit, so use the Today's Posts option.

The number of post titles per page, always stays 25, however you may configure your results, to up to forty posts per page. If you have trouble loading the page, just look to see how many pages there are, and select either the title, or the "last page," and scroll down.

You can feel free to visit any Discussion Forum you wish, at your leisure, however this is the quickest way to go!

Edit: When you complete the scan of the Auran Trainz Forum Community, you may simply close the page, when you come back, the New Posts will be revised.

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Excelent work backyard!
A quick easy way to post here! Ill use this more often.:D

Some screenshots of everything would go good with this.;)

TCS Route Builder in progress...

:D Thanks Titan, yes, since it's been made a sticky, various changes will be added...some text changes, and the addition of screenies.
...nothing new...yet...

8) AJFox, posted a thread "What to Post"....

Here is how to read, and decide whether to have a spitting contest with snakes...or help you learn how to have a successful day with Trainz!
Hehe, I learned something new today. ^^

If you register and have your own personal computer, you can also view the forums by subject area. For me, I tend to peruse the freeware announcements, screenshots and the occasional other title that sticks out. If you have cookies enabled? your computer will show in bold the new posts in that specific area you are looking at. It helps to recognize new posts, although the feature that Backyard pointed out is great.

For new forum members, if you are having a problem with trainz and you are stuck, just post it up on here or type in some keywords using the search option at the top of the screen. People are generally friendly here if you are polite, patient and respectful.

Welcome to the forums!


Gisa ^^
Spell Checking your posts...

:cool: There is a new look to the Auran Forum Community!

Some reference has been given into the past about misspelled words. Here are some handy helpers for your use whilst posting.

Both Quick Reply & Advanced Reply feature a link to "ieSpell" checker in the upper right hand corner.

"Post Reply activates the Advanced Reply window with all the bells & whistles....

The Quick Reply window at the bottom of all thread pages, is activated using the "Reply to Post" icon at the bottom right of the post...

Taking time to edit your post before posting, gets your message across more efficiently. Returning later to edit a post does not change the impression you gave to readers of the thread....

Using the thread number & quoting a post text instead of the entire post including pictures helps the page load quicker for all readers.

Your compliments/comments to a particular post are noted, you do not have to re-post the pictures to endorse the posted pic...!
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Well done Backyard! This post should be a compulsory read for all new forum members!

Thank you for making this.


Gisa ^^
...gisa is faster than lightning...

:cool: Thanks for your replies Gisa!

You posted so fast I went to "New Posts" & even refreshed the page & thought I forgot the Submit Reply button!

I have intended to revisit this thread every now & then to re-display it in the Active Topics area...

I have used ieSpell for a long's so much a routine that the first time I saw the icon I bypassed it for ieSpell located at the top of my IE browser.

I then thought it was a embedded spell check & so created the update with that in mind...hitting the icon at time of this post revealed it was a link...some last minute editing was so needed!
Hehe, well as an English teacher with a B.A. Honours in English, I hope that my English shouldn't need too much spell checking. :hehe:

Most of the time my errors are due to typing too fast or failing to proof-read. Of course, there are some who like to type liKe dis or who even fail to use proper punctuation. I wonder what kind of English people will speak in 20 years time...

Perhaps the billions who are studying English will in fact be able to speak it better than those whose English the whole public school system is failing...

Evolution or deevolution, who is to say? :hehe:

Keep up the great work (and apologies for a fast reply: bored at work today)


Gisa ^^
South Korea...?

:cool: Hey Gisa,

I'm currently house-sitting for a retired local newspaper reporter teaching English as a second language to grammar school children in South Korea...

Jill has been there for a year & half...I'm house sitting 6 cats...two indoor & 4 outdoor...
Hi Backyard,

Yup, I teach at a public high school. Pretty good gig in most respects but there are some problems (mind you any teacher will say that). I hope she's having a great time and isn't too homesick.

If she ever needs advice, let me know and I'll see what I can do to help out.


Gisa ^^
Jill is good to go...

:cool: I thought about that today...just imagine a South Korean native you have seen on TV speaking clear plain English & feel you have done your job....

Jill does this.........

I just house-sit her cats.......

Praise the Lord Jesus as she would wish you do....!
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:cool: I had Kaspersky Internet Security back then, now I have Norton 360

Read the entire thread...again!