New player trying to get first time in Trainz


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Hi there,

my name is Alex and I Am thinking to subscribe again for Trainz Plus Gold Class.
I may look for some help from other players in order to get the best out of time spent in the game.
I am looking for good-looking routes, nice graphics(mountains, nice landscapes), with plenty of sessions, but last time(years ago) I found it hard to get what I was looking for. When I found something, there were very few sessions with.
Any idea here ?

If is any tutorial around i will be happy to have a look, thanks
Any discord group for players or other community site?
Any tip about how to enjoy this game is welcome.

Thanks in advance for your answers
Welcome to the forums and welcome back.

There are driver tutorials built right into Trainz including Plus. These guide you through various activities as you learn how to drive, couple, and deliver freight.

With your Gold Plus Subscription, I highly recommend you spend a few days and download all the DLC you have available to you. There have been many recent additions including many routes that will keep you interested for hours on end in addition to creating your own routes and sessions.
Welcome Animax0222! I highly recommend Dangavel's routes, with sessions by Pitkin:
<kuid:44878:102181> a dg uintah rwy 2019- june 2022
<kuid:44878:110827> alpine tunnel route Feb 28TH 2024 (new, so sessions will come)
<kuid:44878:101671> Timber Ridge line std gauge 2021 june 8th version 3

<kuid2:373500:100024:8> FDL Fond du Lac for T:ANE by rhkluckhohn has over 30 sessions!

If you like model layouts, philskenes are extremely well done and he always has multiple sessions for them.

Unfortunately, a lot of sessions out there don't include the route name in the name of the session, and often not even in the description (!) so it is very hard to tell what route they belong to.