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Hi All,

There is one other thing I thik everyone should do.
Click on the search box and enter your user name, then search your posts.
This is to see if anyone has replied to a post you've made, then you can thank them or continue the conversation.

Lots of good tips here for newbies. Thanks Backyard.

...we live in a fast age...

:cool: I have posted this to give a clue to the New Into's to Auran Trainz Railroad Simulator...please read the total-post!

When in "doupt"?

:cool: Thanks Lewis, I see where you found that...whilst I take pains to spell check & edit my posts, e-mail, etc, I find spell-checking is not available in mspaint!:hehe:

However, I now create an e-mail to use for bad....:eek:
Hehe, I learned something new today. ^^

If you register and have your own personal computer, you can also view the forums by subject area. For me, I tend to peruse the freeware announcements, screenshots and the occasional other title that sticks out. If you have cookies enabled? your computer will show in bold the new posts in that specific area you are looking at. It helps to recognize new posts, although the feature that Backyard pointed out is great.

For new forum members, if you are having a problem with trainz and you are stuck, just post it up on here or type in some keywords using the search option at the top of the screen. People are generally friendly here if you are polite, patient and respectful.

Welcome to the forums!


Gisa ^^
You can use the forums without a registered serial #. For using the Download Station, though, you need a valid registered serial number. I highly recommend registering a serial number because it lets you download so much stuff on the Download station.
However, you don't need a registered serial number for downloading stuff that's not on the DLS (for example, if you download stuff from Slugsmasher's site, you don't need a serial number) although some of the dependiencies may be on the DLS.
Congratulations if you have already registered your serial number! If you haven't, it's fast and easy! Go to your Planet Auran profile, click "Serial Numbers" select your version of Trainz, and enter your serial number (usually, it's on the DVD case in the box).
I will be on many other forums.
English as she is spoke

Gisa: Where wuz you lerned to speak English, cos if it wuz in the US or Cannukland, they cannot spell, the spellchecker proves it. i.e color, tires, fiber etc - ad nausem. All corruptions of the the Queen's English.:hehe::hehe::hehe:
Canadians use British English in many circumstances. I should hope I know how to spell: I am an English major and I've taught English for almost 5 years.


Gisa ^^