new locos are in progress. Help Needed


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I Am Working On Some Locos. Their Names Are Preston The American Engine And Big George The Giant Engine. These Are My Thomas And Friends Original Characters.I Need A Modeling Software To Make Them. Can Somebody Lend A Helping Hand?
Your Right.

Your Right But I Am Starting with A 0-4-0 Because I Need To Practice Making Locos.
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I think what he means is, don't start an "in progress" thread if the things actually are't in progress. Just a heads-up for the future.
... Can Somebody Lend A Helping Hand?

Just start a new thread in the Content Creators forum. Folk there will help but we expect you to do some homework first. i.e. try not to ask questions that can be readily answered by reading the following tutorial or within the N3V WiKi on Content Creation. If you want a steam loco tutorial for Blender then I highly recommend Paul Hobbs' tutorial which you can find here. It's a downloadable PDF file. Steam locos are about the hardest asset to make as Watemple pointed out. They also take a long time if you intend a detailed asset.