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Here is my yard at night. I used Hollywood-style letters to adorn the top of the roundhouse. It is the PRESTONVILLE YARD. Fictitious town of Prestonville nearby in fictitious Squatch County of fictitious Mondaho state in the rural Pacific North West of lower-48 America. I have a telephone line connected from the trackside powerline/telegraph poles to the front of the roundhouse. The wiring for the yard is imagined to be buried underground for the most part. I'm thinking about removing this telephone pole line to the front of the roundhouse for cleaner overall looks. The yard lights running between the yard tracks would need power cables in underground conduit to run all those flood light towers anyway. I think the utilities (power, telephone, Internet) would be tapped off one of the mainline utility poles and run under ground to where they would need to be run throughout the yard. I have seen where they tap wires of a pole and run then down the pole into the ground through a vertical pole-mounted conduit. There should be a step-down transformer at the customer utility access point up on the pole. Electricity is needed for tons of lights, fueling pumps, the turntable motor, the two soda machines inside the roundhouse, the yard microwave oven, the coffee maker, the air conditioner in the yard boss's office, air compressors for air power tools, and so on. Hopefully, this trackside line of telephone poles can supply enough power to run the entire yard. The yard might even need some power generators to run off the grid. There are all those floodlights and such. I have a bunch of colorful engines in the roundhouse to make it look pretty. The MOW crane trucks actually pull up to the diesel pump and drive in and out of the engine sheds. The driver will park one truck in Bay 5 and move to the truck in Bay 3 and drive it around the route. This refueling and changing of trucks goes on repeatedly. I have trained German shepherd dogs in the yard for the security of the RR workers. Yards are dark and scary places at night. These dogs have to be awfully well-trained not to get run over by locomotives. I have not seen any DLS content for furnishing the inside of engine houses with tools and equipment for locomotive mechanics. Maybe some mechanic figures in coveralls. I was a fleet truck mechanic in the army. I've been told it's a modeling mistake to have a roundhouse entirely full of engines. A couple of my bays are left empty on purpose to give this building a lived-in used-regularly look. AI actually pulls 4 Black Widow GP9 road-switching locos in and out of the roundhouse on a couple of schedules to pick up and deliver freight cars to local siding customers.


Extra for railroad buffs in America, speaking of scary yards and other creepy places along railroads as you might imagine: Steve tells the story of railroad employees who have spotted bigfoot out in remote wooded areas. I would not want to have to walk from my caboose all the way up to the engine at night in the woods without a big dog and/or a gun plus a flashlight. My heavily rural model Trainz route is on this Bigfoot-ish theme. I drive through the deep dark forest at night with wolf howl sounds, bear growls, cougar yowls and hoots from hoot owls thinking about how well protected I am inside the cab of my big locomotive with locking doors since the train moves rather slow in some parts. This man's video hits home when I think about my Trainz route. My imagination goes wild while playing Trainz through the big woods at night. I can just imagine a pair of glowing eyes around every corner, every tree trunk in the bright headlight of the big engine. I even have a campground in the woods on my route! Night Trainzing and chilling campfire stories. I play the NV3 Games (formerly Auran of Australia) Trainz Railroad Simulator. In Surveyor (the route-and-session-building editor), I have crafted an imaginary railroad layout in prime "Bigfoot" territory. A theme of the American pacific northwest. Pine trees and tall hemlock forests. Mountains, rivers, canyons, farms, lakes, mesas, rolling green hills, dairies, ranches and small towns. Hunting scenes, boating scenes, fishing scenes and wild animal scenes like deer. Having lived in Idaho and semi-rural northern California, I am a big American west outdoor Mother Nature man. Steve in these videos is a man who hits home. This is what I personally know. But I digress. Back to my train layout. A fictitious county, Squatch County. A fictitious state, Mondaho (Idaho and Montana). A fictitious railroad, Preston Railroad. I manage my fantasy railroad. It's actually a 1/10 scale model layout outdoors. The setting is the fictitious Prestonville District of the Squatch County Division. I have big diesel trailer trucks running over my route too through creepy dark woods. Truck drivers aplenty have told wild squatch stories too, I bet!! I'd hate for my truck or train to break down deep in the woods and especially after dark!! Camera views are inside the cab of the engine or truck and outside of the vehicles as well as they travel over the layout.

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