Double and single slips in TRS2023


Irish Narrow Gauge
Looking through the contents in CMP I see that there are some single and double slips listed under the category/type 'Misc'. Does anyone know what these are? I can't see them listed as dependencies in any of the routes I have installed.

There doesn't appear to be anything in their descriptions. Are they similar to the old pre-procedural pointwork which had to be wired up?

Also, within Surveyor, I cannot find them listed within any category in the scroll-out menus. If they are working double and single slips that would be excellent!

They are all made by zecmurphy and are kuid:447125:100221 to 100232, described as built-in; names are 'Prefab - Double Slip Large LH' etc.

I have restricted my installed routes to UK-outline only plus the couple of demo routes that come with T22. My installed routes (atm) are the S&C, Cornish mainline, Liskeard and Looe and ECML.

My second query concens regional attribution of new routes I create.

I've made a very simple 1-board route as a trial and set it in Surveyor under the region 'United Kingdom'. However, back in the opening screen and with only 'United Kingdom' selected, it does not appear. I checked the config file of my trial route and it's entry for category-region is "00", I changed this to "UK" and it's fine now. I expected Surveyor to set the correct category-region attribute when I created my route - am I doing something wrong? Or do I need to make this very minor change whenever I create a route?



PS, that should be TRS2022!
To answer your first question, in TRS22plus, using Surveyor 2.0, you can see these in the Scrapbook window. They came built-in with TRS22plus. Just to see what they are, I selected several and then pasted them (Ctrl-V) to a route. They seem to be chunks of track with junctions and are not objects.

I hope N3V will designate these scrapbook items (I don't know what else to call them) with their own type in Content Manager (instead of "misc") to make them easier to find.
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That's a completely new one on me and I've been using TRS22 for a while. The only slips I've known about up until now are andi06's Jk10 single and double slips from TS2012 days.
Thanks schweitzerdude, I'll check it out.
Still curious about the category-region thingy.

I remember those slips in T12, Annie, and they were great in their day, although I always had a problem selecting the right lever setting. I did some 'wired up' junctions myself copying Andi. Procedural track is fine but it can't handle xovers or slips.

As they say here 'To Finaghy and beyond' :)
How do I access the Scrapbook window?
I have just installed TRS2022 and it doesn't look like it comes with Surveyor 2.0. Is this right? Do I have to have one of those ongoing memberships?
In the pull-down menu at the top of the screen it just lists 'Surveyor Classic'.

I've found the answer. I have the ordinary T22 not the 'plus' subscription version. I won't be paying monthly and I can manage with Surveyor classic just fine. Rather miffed that T22 includes inaccessible content.
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S2.0 is only in the Plus version of TRS22 at the moment. In the drop down menu select edit route and change the region, can't be done in the edit session.
OK, I understand N3V needs to make money but I'm not interested in the membership options.

On the category-region setting, I started a new route and in Surveyor selected 'edit route' and changed the region to UK. However, this didn't alter the category-region from '00' in the config to 'UK' when I saved the route so I just did it manually. It's no big deal but it is a bit irritating when the Potteries loop line route doesn't appear under UK and CMP won't let me edit its config.
Hi everyone,

You can try Thibaud’s creations (334624) in the "fixed track" category. I think you’ll find what you’re looking for and maybe more ... who knows!

Best regards.
Hi Antoine,

Thanks for that tip, Thibaud has quite a range! I have downloaded a number of examples of his crossovers and slips and tried one out in my test route.

One query: how do I set the route on the slip? I don't see any junction arrow overlays. My loco trundles over it fine but I can't seem to set the points.

All helpful comments very gratefully received.

Hi Steve and everyone,

Indeed, the arrow junction does not appear (surveyor or driver mode). To change the direction of the junction, either click on the junction itself or use the J key on the keyboard, when driving manually. As for AI, the junctions will follow the route established thanks to the trackmarks or industries. I hope I explained this clearly.

Best regards
Hi Antoine,

Thanks for the guidance, I will try it out. Once I've mastered it those lovely slips will be everywhere!