Naming Objects


I have in TS12 created my own Favorites List in Surveyor - using Content Manager - by prefixing the most used items with either a double x (xx) for the objects menu and triple x (xxx) for the other menus such as track, road etc. - will this cause any problems when Tane is installed and a map CDP is imported ?
If a CDP is constructed using kuids and not object names I would think this will not be an issue BUT if it is I will have to remove all changes to the menus prior to back-up and installation or there is the possibility of many "gaps" in the map.
Trying to pave the way for a smooth transition to Tane.

I wouldn't forsee any problems, Trainz and Tane identify content by the KUID. Other users of your route won't see your changed names.

Only problem I see is if you ever want to participate in multiplayer and the route or session uses any of your renamed objects: In that case you are not allowed to join as object are not allowed to be locally modified.

An alternative would be is adding keywords to your objects and in surveyor simply filter on that keyword. Object is not changed and you can still easy filter on the stuff you like.
other issue I came across after renaming thousands of objects to make them easier to find, is updates to the KUID (the items true identifier). Download the updates and it reverts to the objects Author's original asset name. makes sense, but is a pain to rename items after updates.
The other thing too, which I found out the hard way is you need to open the asset for edit in Explorer, and change the username in the config.txt file. Just renaming the asset in the asset description field doesn't stick permanently, and the name is reset to the original if you ever do a database repair.