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A bit late, but I just found that a route+session that I worked on some time ago, no longer works properly (or even crashes). This route and session worked and still works in TRS19(Plus), but not in TRS22 Plus (122411). I do not know exactly at which build the problem started, since I have not tested it after every patch. Somewhere in the transition from build 5.0 to higher builds, some of the destinations (Station name and track) disappeared form the DriveTo menu. It also affects the DriveTo commands that are in the Driver setup that had these destinations in them. The session starts but trains that have these commands in the Driver setup get stuck. Selecting the driver has led to a CTD in some cases.
It works in TRS19, not in TRS22. The route and session files involved are the same, just copies. They have build 5.0. I have several versions of the route and session to test with; those in TRS22 all have the same missing destinations. My first impression is that it only concerns station tracks, and not trackmarks (but I have not checked all the DriveToTrackmark commands, the route is large).
Could it be that the station asset is outdated? It is a very old asset <kuid2:117667:20004:6> Invisible Station 100m. Other invisible station assets do not seem to have this problem.
The station asset is not faulty, it is visible in game, and the track names (those that are no longer in the menus) are visible in map view.

Edit: OK I tested and found that the aforementioned station asset does not show up in DriveTo. It does appear in NavigateTo..., however. So the simplest solution is to change the DriveTo command into NavigateTo... commands.
I think I will leave this post here, just in case it helps someone else ...

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Hello stagecoach,

Thank you. I did not find assets that are "out of date" according to CM.
Replacing the DriveTo commands by NavigateTo... did bring back the location items in the menus, but it did not prevent errors from occurring, i.e. trains that could not find the destination. And CTDs kept occurring.
As a next step I replaced each occurrence of Invisible station 100 by AJS Invisible Station 1x50m, all by hand. There were not many. And the AJS Invisible Station was already present on many other locations on the route.
But still, a CTD occurs after some time into the session, irreproducibly.
There are no faulty assets and no missing dependencies in either the route or the session. An EDBR has been done.
The session is running now, but at the previous startup it crashed the game immediately. I have not changed anything in between those runs.


Indeed, but I use the latest version of the AJS station, kuid2: : :21.
But there are more problems. Many of the signals do not work properly anymore.
I had a working route+session build 5.0. I go to Edit Session and then save both route and session with another name, without having changed anything. The build of the new version is 5.3 (I am in 122411).
I run it, and many signals remain dark and do not move (they are semaphores of my own making). Most signals, however, do work. It is just some of them that do not.
Then, when I edit the session and delete a non-working signal and then put the same signal asset back in place, it is found to work well. ???
I will look for another thread on this topic before I decide to post it myself.

some of the "brick station" assets aren't automatically downloaded into TS22 from previous versions.
Check that the stations have been included in the route *and* that the built-in track is joined to the rest of the track


Thanks Colin. I have replaced the older invisible stations with the AJS stations by hand, one by one, so I am sure that the tracks are all attached properly. All the station/platform names do appear in the menus and the trains find their way.
But there is still instability, sometimes the session run crashes, sometimes it does not (or not before I stop it, it is very long). I think the problem is now with the signals. They do not all find their path (in particular the turnout) on startup. I will start a new thread on that topic.

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I fine that some scrips are creating the crash. Mine started to CTD and I found it was the command "Move to train at track mark". I have summited a report but no answer yet.