My Trainz 2019 problem (possible solution?)

Recently I've been wondering, Maybe its a case of the game needing an update. On the "product downloads" section (where I still have the Trainz 2019 Platinum version purchased) I keep seeing this message;

These downloads are applicable to all regional versions of TRS19, including the TRS19 World Edition, the TRS19 North American edition, the TRS19 United Kingdom Edition and the TRS19 European Edition; the content specific to your regional edition will be installed via the in-game Asset Download tool.

Trainz Plus Members (and Gold Class members)

Trainz Plus is the latest version of Trainz. Retail builds no longer provide access to the Trainz Plus features.

This means that TRS19 and TRS22 installs will work as though you are not a Trainz Plus member.

To access Trainz Plus features, please install Trainz Plus Edition and patch using Trainz Plus stream."
TRS2019 (TRS19) is a mature product and there will be no more updates other than maybe a service pack if there are any. The current product is TRS2022 and its relations TRS2022 Platinum and Trainz-Plus.

TRS2019 is not abandoned, however, and is still fully supported until N3V decides it no longer wants to do so.