Multiplayer Surveyor Official Release (Stage 1)


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The N3V Games team are very happy to announce the official release of our next Trainz Plus update which includes the Multiplayer Surveyor (MPS) functionality.

This update is available to all existing Trainz Plus users (which includes all Gold Class members). If you haven’t already tried our membership options, there is a Trainz Plus Free Trial which will let you explore the new features for a month (credit card required on joining, cancel at any time within 30 days and you will not be charged).

You can find out more in our news post which includes a full FAQ section explaining all you need to know about MPS.

Setting Expectations

During the past six months of beta testing we’ve made significant progress in creating a platform that is robust and stable. That said, we know we have more work to do, and the current implementation is just Phase 1 of a multi-stage rollout.

Right now you can create/import routes (with certain limitations discussed below) or join existing routes. Your viewing, operating and editing rights are based upon permission levels set by the owner and route admins.

Because everything happens in real time, if you make an edit, others in the route will see that edit. If you place a train and begin driving, others currently online in the route can see that too. Please be considerate of others when editing, driving and chatting in these routes.

When you “Share” your own route to the MPS servers in this phase, you cannot include any items that are not in the MPS content set. The current MPS content set includes approximately 3,000 assets from the built-in version of TRS19 (i.e. the initial install and not including the other built-in routes). Portals and turntables are not yet supported, but pretty much all other content types are.

Our next Train Plus update (which shouldn’t be too far away) will include at least one new route that will incorporate a new content package specifically for that route. Then our future plans include the ability for route builders to package their own content sets and upload that to our servers.

In terms of driving trains, you can choose Simple or Realistic controls. Note that “Driver Commands” are not yet supported.


In-game the iTrainz chat window allows you to communicate with others in the route, or you can add a Buddy and communicate directly.

We also have a Discord channel which allows you to text or voice chat

We also encourage putting together like-minded groups in this forum by posting your plans and asking for input from others.

How do I try it out?
As we said above, this update is available to all existing Trainz Plus users (which includes all Gold Class members).

To access MPS, follow these steps:

  1. Install/update to the latest Trainz Plus build - 109641 (PC) or 109646 (Mac).
  2. Open the Routes Menu. The MPS routes (shown by a purple title bar) you have access to are listed under the Owned filter option (the filter is set to “Owned” by default)
  3. Select one of the existing MPS routes and begin exploring.

Note: As you load the route, the data is streamed in from our servers. Routes which are heavily populated with trains and scenery will take longer to load than lighter routes.

More Information
Don't forget to check out this news post which includes a full FAQ section to get a full understanding of the new systems.