Trainz Plus Beta PC & Mac -122861 & 122865 (TLR Beta Release)

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@n3v_laurence - Can you please be more specific about what changes/ improvements were made to the UI? (Not seen - yet...)
These changes are more minor "under the hood" fixes due to windows not updating/refreshing correctly, or text boxes being out of alignment. For example, an earlier fix was for the Environment calendar. It would not show a change of date when a new date had been selected (even though it was correctly set) until the window was closed and reopened. The UI itself was unchanged.
TY Laurence

A few things I noticed:
-Mainmenu loads extreme slow (why not make it much lighter?) better in windowed mode
-Mainmenu constant defaults to "Purchased" while I set(and want) it at "installed"
-A session saved in km/h, goes to mps, even if in settings its on "session default"
-Switching between trains on a medium size route (over 1000 baseboards) results in very slow spline and trains loading
only after pressing P (pause) it all loads.
-Surveyor 2 now is thrown in TRS22PE while the interfaces are still simply not good (not just polish, it is design)
beside that its far from complete.
-smooth spline has no setting for the width of the effect
-digholes are minimum 10x10meter
-how much resoures an effect layer uses is unclear and runs out too fast (hardlimited)
-the max 16 limit groundtextures, makes work with transdem impossible when converted to HD
-active layer no longer shows in layer window header
-Removing windows from a side bar leaves an ugly grey empty sidebar, make it transparent or complete gone

-Driver Control center does not fit the 200 pixel sidebar, and if you put it there the choice between, automatic/user is unreadable
and still "THE HEADS ARE TOO BIG" oopsy sorry i seem to start screaming after 5 years.

-TLR seems to have no connection to the session goals (test in KS2 session 03)
-TLR seems not to know the "runaround" command, too many drive backwards
-TLR controlled trains stop ON junctions, then have to backup, to allow others to pass
-GM set time scaling from 0x to 1x, "yes indeed I unpaused ty mr. Data"

-Testing an hour of TLR non of the goals were achieved
-The last 2 builds, frame rates are lower (even when not on HD), not sure what the cause is
-At start of a session a huge load of script errors on standard passengers stations
reason: the station and their scripts are not loaded yet, do not error check something that is not there yet please!

TLR will be fun, but needs much more work
have fun greetings GM
Thanks for all the feedback,

TLR currently does not have any connection to session goals. During this first phase, the focus is on ensuring the automatic dispatch system is working with industries within the route. There are several limitations currently and these will improve over time.

In regards to the Activity logs, currently they are still in debug mode, so providing a lot more information than required.

The slow performance you are experiencing is due to the lack of precached shaders (causing increase load times) as well as some work in progress with Clutter 2.0. If the drop in performance is too impactful, we recommend turning off Scenery Details or lowering performance settings.
Hi all,

Updated to 122861 and having some major issues;

-When laying down textures, nothing appears. Requires going in and out of 'F9' mode in order to get the textures to appear.
-When attempting to save changes to a route, Trainz is stuck in a perpetual loading screen (Currently on 30x mintues.)
-When attempting to exit out of Trainz altogether, Trainz is stuck in a perpetual loading screen (Max I tested was 15 minutes on this.)
-I have no indication of the status of the patch as it processes. I can see that Patch.exe is running, however there is no info window visible on my PC or Tray.

This is on a fresh boot of the PC after applying the patch.
Thank you for all your feedback, as we have a new Trainz Plus Beta available, this thread is now locked.

Please post comments on the new thread

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