Is this MPS DLC actually new content?


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G'day All,

Just wondering if aonyone could advise what is in some MPS packages available in my TRS22 DLC please?

Ive got the following packages as available to install:
SF MPS Pagage (buildings)
Kevonzone MPS Building Pack #1 & #2
MPS KSC2 HD Terrain Dependency Package
SF MPS Package (Details)
SF MPS Package (Splines)
SF MPS Package (Textures)
SF MPS Package (Track Objects)
SF MPS Package (Track)
SF MPS Package (Trees, Shrubs & Grass)
SF MPS Package (Vehicles)
IHC MPS Steam / Diesels Rolling Stock Pack
IHC MPS Modern Rolling Stock Pack #1
IHC MPS Building Pack #3
IHC MPS Building Pack #4
MPS Crossplatform

As well as
TRS19 Content Fix

Is any of this stuff actually new content? Or is it just packaged DLS and pre-existing stuff?

I'm not interested in doing any multiplayer stuff, and I haven't downloaded any yet as I don't want to risk current DLS or other assets becoming "packaged" or otherwise limited by downloading these DLC packs, but I'd also like to be able to get any new assets as well as clear any remaining "install" packages so that I only have to look for genuine, new material that may show up as Trainz Plus DLC. But I'm not aware of any way to hide them, other than actually installing them.

Thanks for any advice.

Good Afternoon Piere
The items you have listed in the first list are MPS packages, specifically created for people to use in their MPS routes. As such, unless you are joining one of these MPS routes, it is not necessary to install them.

The 'TRS19 Content Fix' DLC pack was to resolve some content issues in an earlier TRS19 build, and is no longer required (and will not install in newer versions).

G'day Zec,

Thanks very much for the reply.

IS there any actual new content in the packs? Or is it just stuff from the DLS packaged up?

Also, is there a way to "hide" or disable those packages if i don't want / need them? Every time I start the launcher, the "content store" tab shows yellow, suggesting new DLC, because I haven't installed those packs, so I have to keep opening the list and checking through it to see if there's genuinely anything new / updates.

I'd prefer if it could only be yelllow if there is genuinely new content that I haven't seen yet, if possible.

Thanks again.